Friday, April 19, 2013

Work in Progress: Giant Squid (yes, another one!)

Guess what's coming up in just a tiny bit over a week?

Art All Night.

I submitted something once before but it was YEARS ago.  I just always forget.  But now that I'm all into artsy/craftsy stuff again, I needed to use Art All Night as a motivator to make something.  Sometimes you just need a deadline.  Oh, I could have just scooped up one of my paintings and submitted it but it's more fun to make something JUST for the show.

And you know damn well that I've wanted to make another giant squid ever since I finished Biggie Smalls.  But I didn't want to make one just to make it and then have it sitting around my house taking up space.  If I made one for Art All Night then I could put a selling price on it and maybe sell it and then not have to house it for the rest of my life (dramatic!).

Ok, blah blah, enough chatter.  Let's see the work in progress pic.

See what I mean about it taking up space.  That's my couch its sitting on.  The head piece comes up to about my waist (I'm right around 5' 4").  Obviously, all the legs aren't pictured.  They are all stuffed and ready to be attached to the "skirt" piece.  Perhaps tonight I'll cut the "skirt" and get the legs sewn on.  That will be the last of the machine sewing for this, the rest will be hand stitched.  I'm sure if I had a better set up (and skill set) I could use a machine to atttache the leg skirt to the body and then close it all off with the bottom circle (or butt circle, as I call it) but it's just easier to do it by hand.  I can sit right there on my couch with the head propped between my knees and stitch away.  Easy peasy, squiddy squeezy.

I can't wait to have this DONE.  I need to go button buying this weekend to find some 3 inch covered shank style buttons to mimic the ones used on Biggie Smalls.  I liked that look.

OH, and in case it's not clear from that craptacular pic, the top fabric is orange with a red design (it's like # and @ signs but not exactly).  The underside fabric is white with little red lobsters.  It's super cute.  Originally I wanted to use some of the Bento Box line (the one with the cute smiling shrimp) but it was too pricey.  I scored the lobster for $5.98/yard.  And I think it was a better choice.

Of course, I'll have pics when it's done and pics from Art All Night.

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