Friday, April 26, 2013

For a swap: Dorothy Dotee

YES, I got this one done last night so I could add it to the group of packages headed to the post office later this morning.

Wizard of Oz Dotee:  Dorothy

I laugh every time I see her.  She's just not the typical Dorothy.  That's thanks to my wanting to (mostly) use things from my stash (though I did buy two things specifically for this dotee).

Let's start from the top and work our way down.  This Dorothy's hair?  WOW!  It's just very "wind blown" thanks to the fuzzy yarn I used.  I like the yarn and the effect but it was a bit of a challenge to work with.  Just fuzzing out all over the place.

Next up, the dress.  I simply didn't have any plain blue gingham.  I had a small piece of light purple gingham (not really enough) and some green gingham (with really big checks) and that was it.  Well, except for this blue with flowers.  So this Dorothy is adding a splash of fun to her dress, which ended up working out well since I had pink ribbon for hair bows and for the hanger.  Color coordination for the win.  (I added a bit of lace to the top of the dress just for some extra pizzazz).

What is this Dorothy doing right?

Ruby red slippers?  CHECK.

This is one of the two things I bought just for this doll.  It thought it was just glitter coated ribbon but it was better (and less messy) than that.  It's not merely glitter glued on, it's textured ribbon, so the sparkly is little loops of tinsel-like product that gives a glittery effect without nearly as much shedding (it does shed a tiny bit when you cut it but not a lot).

The other thing she's doing right?

. . .and her little dog, too!

I bought this shank button just for this dotee.  I could have just made a little dog but this button was just too cute to resist (and so much easier than making a wee fabric dog--especially if we're going to have a Toto dotee--the idea has been put out there to add Toto to the character list).

The tail is also a bit of "right", too.  I used yellow (and a few white/off white) to make a tribute to the yellow brick road.  I also thought about making a tail using green (for the emerald city) but it would have clashed too much (and I was already pretty proud of my decent color coordination).

Seeing as this Dorothy is kind of odd, I'm hoping my swap partner likes it.  This doll is definitely in the more "classic" style.  OH, and I got to try out my fabric pens.  I like the job they did.  The face is cute and simple, which works well for this style of doll.

She's off to see the wizard. . . .

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