Thursday, May 24, 2012

For my cat nephew

So, this is the ewok I made from the Wild Olive free pattern.

Yeah, it's cute but I'm still "meh" about it in general.

But I think my cat nephew (Lowell) is going to enjoy it.  Especially after my sister sprays it with catnip spray!

In fact, I think this pattern is perfect (yeah, I had to stop myself from typing "purrfect") for cat toys.  It sews up pretty quickly, makes a decent size (good for kitty to kick and wrestle), and can be made from recycled/inexpensive materials.  In fact, this is made from a pair of corderoy pants I got from the thrift store (and cut up) and a bit of acrylic felt.  I'd imagine the corderoy will withstand some good cat wrestling (the hood might get mauled easier though--but making a new one wouldn't be a big deal).

I texted my sister a pic of it and told her it was for Lowell.  I can just picture her rolling her eyes and sighing "He's so SPOILED!".

He is.

1 comment:

  1. Lowell is going to love it.

    I think I prefer yours to the original, yours has great ears,