Monday, May 14, 2012

Work in Progress: Kitties!

Another update on the litter of kitties.

Meet Linus, brother of Samantha (from the previous post).

As you can see, Linus's facial stitching is a bit wonky.  I prefer Samantha's, to be honest (you see, I forgot to look at Samantha before I started stitching on Linus, so I was winging it with him--oops).  But for what Linus lacks on his facial stitching, he makes up for on his tail.  It's EXACTLY what I wanted.

That said, I have to utter my one gripe with this pattern (or style of mini plush if you will).  Since they are flat, pillow style items (perfect for adding pins to, as we've seen) there will always be a back which means ugly unfinished stuff.  Linus's tail is a bit messy from the BACK.  But in order to get a nice front I think that's the price we have to pay.  At least for now (I don't know how much longer I can fuss making siamese cats trying to get one "perfect"--well, perfect with stitching--if I got some markers we wouldn't have these issues but I like doing the tiny embroidery on these).

Oh, three strands of embroidery floss REALLY helped (that was something I mentioned with Samantha's post--that six strand was just too bulky).

Overall I'm pleased with Linus.  His wonky stitch face gives him personality.

I think there may be one more siamese for this litter along with a lion (yeah, weird litter that has siamese cats and an adult lion with a mane--eh, what are you going to do).

I had a very productive weekend, so on to my next post to show off more stuff I made.

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