Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wok-a, wok-a, wok-a (coming soon!)

Yesterday was a day off from work (have I mentioned how much I love having to take vacation/personal days because they have added up to the point I have to "use em or lose em"?  yeah, might have mentioned that before once or twice or a million times).

After I went out shopping and scored a pile of embroidery floss for 10 cents a skein.  Yeah, yeah, it was at Wal-mart (boo his!) but I only shop there about once a year and only go in if there's something there I simply can't get somewhere else (I went in looking to score another bathing suit--yeah, I like their Catalina suits--good quality, good price).  And if I happen to fall on some clearance embroidery floss while I'm in there, so be it.

Some of the newly scored embroidery floss went into embroidering the Tattooed Lady doll (remember that spoonflower fabric I bought a while back?).  Turned out NICE, too.  Hopefully I'll have enough of the light blue color to stitch up the Boy doll (it took a whole skein to do the girl and her tattoos are smaller--the boy has this big ole pirate ship on his chest).

Blah blah blah, I'm supposed to mention what I MADE yesterday (the doll isn't finished, just embroidered and cut out--I have to re-thread my machine with white thread to stitch it up) so. . .


An ewok.

I whipped up that Wild Olive pattern and. . .well. . .I'm not totally impressed.  Not dissapointed but just not all worked up over it, either.  And while I'm voicing my "meh" I can't help wondering how much LESS I would have liked the finished product if I'd sewn it the way the tutorial describes (stitching on the right side versus stitch and turn).  I did mine as a stitch and turn (so it would have nice neat edges) and it worked just fine (ok, I blew out a few seams when I was stuffing--I don't know my own strength!) and I can't imagine how. . .well. . .crappy it would look done the way the tutorial shows.  The corduroy would totally unravel and. . .yeah, I'm just not in love with the pattern in general (it's cute and all but I probably wouldn't make more--ok, I might if it was as a silly gift for a Star Wars loving friend's cat, but that's about it).

Yeah, I think it's the purr-fect pattern for a cat toy.  Quick and relatively easy.  I think that's where mine will end up.  In my cat-nephew Lowell's toy box.  My sister will sigh and act like she's all put out that her cat is spoiled rotten but I know she loves how Lowell has a bit of a fan club.

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