Friday, May 11, 2012

I want to try: PAPER MACHE

Oh, I've done paper mache before.  You know, that old school kiddie stuff where you wrap paste sodden newspaper strips over a balloon (well, in my case it was a balloon inside two egg box tops to make a hotdog in a bun type form--then I made the mistake of covering it in copious layers of mod podge which made it nearly indestructable, not the best idea for a pinata!).

But THIS, this is paper mache for artists, not just dorky teens making a pinata for their friend (or stay at home moms making something for a kid's birthday party).

Ultimate Paper Mache :  its my new blog crack.

There are even online video tutorials for projects.  HOLY EFFING CRAP!!  Now I need a laptop so I can slop along with the tutorial (my home PC is in a crafty inhospitable room and, well, the home PC is just sad and slow and needs some help to be fabulous or just taken out back and shot).

With summer right on my heels, paper mache will be a great outdoor activity, too.

(I can just picture my wife's extravagant eyeroll when I tell him about this)

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