Monday, June 4, 2012

Work in Progress: Robot

What's that?  Why it's a work in progress.

Last week was (at long last) vacation.  Of course I took some crafty stuff along (for when my poor skin had enough sun--yes, even though I wear mega high level sun screen I still have to retreat after a while) and finally got around to working on a second robot (nick named Cylindrical Robot).

That there is the body, one arm/leg, and a rough up of the head.  I don't think that head is going to work, though.  It's a little too tall and thin.  I could turn it on its side and add a neck and it might work but I'm not sold on it just yet.

The arms and legs (and hand and feet) will be the same as Mr. Roboto.  And the body is a simple cylinder.  Right now the tops and bottom are a little puffy so I might run a thread through and pull them down (kind of like you see on cushions).  We'll see.

While the top and bottom are bulgy, the trap door turned out pretty freaking sweet.  I debated on making cogs but that was just a bit tedious.  And I want this robot to have the same feel as Mr. Roboto.  Mr. Roboto's "buttons" are made from bits of scrap felt so this robot needed the same (and not overly fancy).

Double bonus:  the latch on the door was a bead I found in the dryer lint trap.  It's obviously not from any of MY clothes, so I think it fell off something of my friend's.  She tends to wear clothes that have embellishments.  The latch is kind of rough (the hook part is just a hoop of thread that I put a wee bit of tape on) but that lends to the "made in a home garage" feel, which is what I'm going for with these robots.

Now I just need to pilfer the random pens I find at work to score some more springs.  I'm not sure exactly what the face will look like but there needs to be a spring on it somewhere.

AND, I also go some embroidery stitching done this week, too (no pics).  I'm just about done putting all the tattoos on the Spoonflower dolls.  I might have to buy some more floss in order to get it finished up (almost out of the color I'm using and don't have any more).


  1. Oh my gosh! I have had such fun looking at your adorable felt creations. Robots! I love them, too. Your super-hero worm is my favorite I think. It would be so easy to change my mind with so much cuteness.
    Thank you so very much for stopping by my blog Creative Breathing. I will check back when you have completed your 4th characters. They sound very adorable!

    1. I'm so excited you stopped by. I can't wait to work on the fireworks (but I did just get some new fabrics which are calling to me--must resist the urge to work on other things!).