Monday, May 21, 2012

A new super hero is born!

Keeping a close watch on his Burgh.

He sees all.

He knows all.

Ne're do wells take note.

There is a new super hero in town.

He is. . .


I can't lie, I'm loving those pics.  Look at me all getting artsy with my pics.  If anyone deserved the extra work it's SUPER WORM!!

Or you can call him Clark.

A generic full body pic of him for the record (and to show of his body).

The pattern is from the "Wee Wonderfuls" by Hillary Lang.  Though the inchworm in the book isn't nearly as "super" as Clark here.  The inchworm in the book is named Evelyn.  She has button eyes and a babushka (love a babushka).  But once I got my inchworm completed I just had to make it a bit more fabulous (and I didn't want to sew tiny buttons on for the eyes--tiny buttons make me rage).  So instead I decided on the cartoon glasses effect, where the eyes are basically part of the glasses (which Clark's are, I didn't cut out the lense part of the glasses and instead put felt circles over them and added a little french knot for the pupil).

I think all the "Big Bang Theory" I've been watching was rubbing off on me, too.  Clark would fit right in with Leonard and Sheldon and the gang, dressing up like a super hero (and his cape has a decidedly "hand made" feel to it--since I just whipped it up on a whim--though I do have to brag and say it has mitered corners).

Clark has quickly become one of my farvorite things I've made, in no small part because he made my wife laugh.  Normally when I show something off to my wife I get a polite "nice" and/or "you're nuts" (with a loving eyeroll).  But when I snapped Clark in front of my wife, he smiled and laughed.  I love making my wife laugh, so Clark really is SUPER!!


  1. Super Worm is the best thing I've seen all day. ^_^ You did a super job.

    Why do tiny button make you rage?

    1. They are so tedious to work with, having to find a needle thin enough to go through the holes and all that. . .bah.

      Same holds with tiny snaps and other closures (only they're worse since you have to line them up properly too).