Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kitties (some "for the cure")

Despite Susan G. Kommen's asshattery with Planned Parenthood, I couldn't resist running with an idea my co-worker had (I was showing her the other kitties and wondering aloud what I should do next and she mentioned pink kitties for breast cancer awareness--such a fabulous idea).

Then my friend told me she was doing the Race for the Cure (big Kommen walk/run on Mother's Day) and the two ideas melded.

Pink Panther Pins (or Kitties for the Cure--though any time I type "for the cure" I think of that Simpson's episode with "the shinning", when groundskeeper Willie hisses "hush boy, do you want to get sued!").

I had to use the most active of the patterns, since a cat sitting on its butt (or even laying down) just doesn't give off the "working hard to find a cure" vibe.

Closeups?  Ok.

While they're the same pattern they each have their own personality.  The top one is classically cute, with a very photogenic smile and head cocked cutely to one side.  The other one is a little more reserved, a bit unsure of his/herself.  And s/he has a wonky eye.  That irks me a bit but to fix it would be a huge bunch of work that I just wouldn't do.  I'd just make another kitty and that's not an option at this point.

I was worrying over the wonky eyed one quite a bit (like was it not "good enough" to give to my friend) and then when I was showing them off to another co-worker (pretty much all of the women I work with are all about the kitties) she snatched up Wonky and started gushing over how s/he was her favorite.  So I guess Wonky's flaws are really only glaring to me.  Guess that's the curse of being the maker, you see every wee flaw that others simply don't notice.

Anyway, I mentioned they were pins so. . .

They are indeed pins.  Nothing fancy, just a stitched on safety pin.  And you know I pinned them to my pjs (I made these both last night) and stood in front of my bathroom mirror to make sure they were hanging well (not going all floppy or crookedy).  Then I made my wife inspect them, too.

(and you'd never know it from the pics, but I did give them a frizzy trim--man, felt makes so many frizzies, even the good stuff).

They've been well received already (from the aforementioned co-worker who even took a pick of Wonky and she mentioned she was telling her friend about the kitties--yeah, I could probably sell these if I wanted but I'm just not convinced about that whole "going into business" thing).

I still want to make a few more kitties just for myself.  In fact, I have one of "the litter" completed so I'll show her off in her own post.

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