Friday, May 4, 2012

Cuter than your average Ewok.

Want to make your own cute little Ewok?

Check out Wild Olive (here) for a free pattern and instructions. 

It's such a simple pattern I think even first time sewers (and/or kids) could make it (in fact, I may have mentioned it to my boss.  Her 8 year old son is insterested in learning to sew and this would be a great first project since it doesn't involve a machine or sewing on the wrong side and turning or any of the "hard stuff").

I learned something else today, too.

The actual ewoks from the Star Wars movies were UGLY.  I mean REALLY UGLY!  How the hell did I ever think they were cute?  Their faces are disturbingly human/bear hybrid freaky. . .yeah, just not cute like the little Wild Olive ewok.

Let's just pretend the real ewoks aren't as freaky-fug as they are, huh?

(and yes, I'm going to make my own Ewoks--in fact, I think my cat nephew Lowell needs one for his toy box--he already has a tribble)

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