Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Work in Progress: Litter of Kittens

I'm still working on a full litter of kitties (I keep making and giving away random ones, so progress is slow).

But I have completed ONE kitty for the litter.

Meet Samantha.

She's my first stab at a siamese and I'm fairly happy with her.  Ok, let me rephrase that.  I AM happy with her.  But I see plenty of places I could improve on her for the NEXT kitten.  In fact, the next kitten is going to be another siamese in gray with darker gray points.

I think I'll handle the head pretty much the same as Samantha here, but maybe make the ear points a little bigger.  For the body, I'd handle the feet the same (I really like Samantha's feet) but I'd attack the tail differently.

For Samantha's tail I wa obsessed with having the stitching be on both sides of the tail.  I don't know why the tail needed to be stitched on both sides when none of the other embellishments are on both sides (it's one of the drawbacks of this pattern, the end products are flat and really only detailed on one side--perfect for pins).  Now when you're working with a wee little felt tail all those stitches tend to just chew up the fabric.  And when you're putting that many stitches on such a small area it leaves ZERO space for stuffing (heck, when I stuff a normal none embellished tail I have to roll a tiny bit of stuffing and basically sew the felt around it since I'm working with such a small space).  So Samantha's tail is not stuffed which makes it a wee bit flat compared to her body (kind of like a beaver tail).  It's only really noticable when you squeeze the whole finished product so it's not a "bad" thing but it could be improved. 

So for the silver siamese, I'm going to only embellish the front side of the tail so maybe I can still stuff it.  That should also make for neater stitches and leave space for a bit of stuffing.

We'll see.

So, what other kitties should be in this litter?

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