Wednesday, May 16, 2012

George, the urban chameleon

Meet George.

"Good morning!"

Yeah, George is a morning chameleon.  He's bright eyed and curly tailed first thing in the morning, ready for a productive day at the office.

"Excuse me, I hate to interrupt but it is getting late.  We really should get going so we don't miss the bus."

George is also punctual.  I like that in a chameleon.

George is one of the first guys in the office.  He likes the quiet (translation: lack of co-workers yapping at him).

"Ok,  I need to check my voice mail and then fire off a few emails.  But first. . ."

"Phew, I'm just so parched today."

No, George isn't much into coffee or hot drinks.  Just give him some clean, cool water and after he wets his whistle he'll get down to work.

Nose to the grindstone and all that.

Wait, what's this?

Oh, George!  In such a rush to get to the office you had to bring your breakfast with you?!

Silly George!


Holy moly, I'm even in shock that I went from rough sketch to finished product in the course of one day.  AND, the pattern is fairly decent, too.

I didn't need the head gusset (which I was almost convinced I would need).  The belly gusset was needed.  It makes George more poseable (his legs can drape over stuff).  Speaking of his legs, no wire.  I didn't feel like dealing with it.  But I think wire could work in them which would make George (or rather, his kin) a bit more awesome (no offense George).

The body and the tail may be mismatched.  The body is a bit more like a walking body but the tail is clearly a sitting still tail.  BUT, that may be to my advantage should I make another one.  I want to make a "walking tail" version and this body will work well for that (and isn't really a failure for a "sitting tail" style).

The eyes could be improved upon.  I like these but they're very slapdash (just a circle of dark green with a circle of lighter green and a snippet of super light green glued on).  I was tempted to totally glue the eyes on but then thought better of it and glued the two top colors onto the darker base then stitched the darker base onto the head (and lightly stuffed under it). 

If I make more chameleons I'll definitely use better felt, too.  This was some random felt from my stash and I'm not sure the fiber content (I think it has some wool in it because it's not super shiney like pure acrylic and it didn't get all pilly and pull apart like acrylic does, especially when you're cutting skinny pieces like the tail and legs--I don't think I could have made that tail with pure acrylic felt, it would have torn off).  But I didn't want to squander my limited supply of "good felt" on a prototype project like this (also, I only have spring/pastel type colors and I wanted a deeper green color--and I really wanted green or brown, not purple or pink).

Speaking of felt, I really need to get a bunch more wool mix felt so I can goof around with it.  It's not like it's that expensive and it will show me if a pattern is going well or not (how can you know the pattern is good if you're using crap felt that tears?).  But I do have quite a pile of acrylic felt so I do need to find ways to use it (it's not that it's no good for anything but the wool blend is SO much better--I'm a total convert).

Oh, and George is totally named for Boy George.  Just in case that wasn't obvious.

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