Wednesday, October 9, 2013

For a Swap: TM patches ORANGE

I told you, I was super productive yesterday.  I got my Dios de los Muertos stuff done, cut a butt load of 2.5 inch charms (no pics of that. . .those are for a the swap that happens at the Curious Quilter blog), and . . .

I finished my TM (Teesha Moore) style rainbow patch swap.  This color theme was ORANGE.

Yup, lot of orange going on there!

All swaps in this series call for three patches in any size.  I'm still stuck in a square/rectangle vortex.  I may branch out to other shapes but for now I'm content to stick with the easier shape.

The "juicy" fabric was just folded over and then sewn down to the orange girl fabric.  It covers up some writing on the fabric (side bar:  I hate when super cute Japanese fabrics have to have advertising/branding writing on them, that's what the selvage is for, folks).  I didn't add many embellishments to either patch, just a bit of embroidery.  Had to put french knots on them (I swear, I use frenchies on every set of patches).  Then just highlight the lines on the bat's wings and add a line to the leaf on orange head girl.

This is my favorite of the bunch.  At first I was just going to make a flower patch and then make a bonus patch featuring a flying pig.  But then I realized the pig would fit on the flower fabric and it would look all cute like it was a bumble bee so. . .

There you have it.

The pigs and the wings are from the same fabric.  The wings are actually flowers from the pig fabric but I cut them and put them as wings.  Aren't I just so durn creative.  (and modest too!).

Again, I just did some very basic embroidery embellishments on it (mostly to secure the fabric to the felt and to give it a little pop).

Backing fabrics.  I love that carrot print fabric (it's the back of the "juicy" patch).  The bat and dots fabrics were both from the 12 lb fabric remnant box (so I'm counting this patch as part of the sewing challenge!).  The backing fabric for the pig patch is a loose weave kind of burlap feeling fabric.  It was a one of those $1.99 discontinued samples you can get at Joann's (or used to be able to, can you still buy those?)

So, what's next on the crafting agenda?

Those darn skeleton cats (well, at least one cat--I might just make one full sized doll instead of three little ones).  Then I need to make two sushi themed zipper pouches.  Then get some Fluff Project sewing done.  I finally decided what pattern I want to try out (MONSTERS!) and it looks like it will be a fairly straight forward project.  I'd like to have at least 3 monsters to send at the end of the month (ideally, three monsters and three ghosts--the ghosts should be faster to make).

Then I have to cut some yardage into fat quarters, make a few dotee dolls, and make a comic strip TM patch (but those aren't due until November, so let's not get ahead of ourselves).

Happy Sewing!

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