Monday, October 14, 2013

Sushi and Skeletons (pouches and cat toys)

These are the rest of my weekend finishes.

I needed to make some prizes for a Fuquerie Tuna Cookoff (over at the forums I frequent--formerly known as the Regretsy forums).

First up, two zipper pouches.

I didn't have anything specifically tuna related, so I went with a generic "edible fish" theme.

How damn cute is this Bento Box print fabric.  I love it so much and had to get some when I finally found it on sale.  (though I didn't buy it specifically for this project--I bought it because I'm a bit of a fabric hoarder and love to spoil myself).

I have a half yard of each of these prints and I'm glad I do.  Look at all those cute smiley faces!  I swear, you can put a cute smiley face on ANYTHING and I'll like it.  (no joke, have you seen kawaii poo?  it's so damn cute)

This is a familiar print, huh?  Why yes, it's some of the leftover fabric from the very first giant squid I ever made.  It's unreal how much of the yellow I still have.  I'm not exaggerating, it's like a full yard.  What the hell am I ever going to do with a yard of yellow polka dot fabric?  I guess use it in stuff I make and give away.

I still love this sushi fabric so much.  No, it doesn't have cute smiley faces but it's still super cute.  And it has "fatty tuna" which ties in so nicely with the Tuna Cookoff theme.

I'm also happy to report I didn't mess up either of them (unlike when I made the pencil pouches and cocked up that one--man, that annoyed me and still does annoy me).

I managed to make both of these on Sunday.  They really do sew up quickly once you get started.

Then I finished up the other part of the prizes.

Day of the Dead cat toys!

A lot of folks used their cats as taste testers (hey, tuna was involved) so I thought our feline friends deserved a prize (some of the food stuffs made were really gross--a lot of the cats wouldn't touch it and I think one may have even tried to cover it up).

I had just finished the DotD bunting and had a leftover piece of fabric (that wasn't a full set of images, just leftovers).  So why not pair them up and stuff them with a bit of catnip infused poly-fil (I take a bit of poly-fil and flatten it then fill it with a hearty pinch of catnip, then ball it up and stuff it in the toy--three catnip wads per toy--they were ripe with catnip, let me tell you).

These are the reverse sides.

They're on the small side, slightly smaller than a standard playing card.  I think they'll still be big enough for a cat to enjoy.  Hell, with all the catnip in them, size really isn't an issue.  In fact, it might be better that they are smaller so they might not get kicked as much.  Though I do like to make kicker sized toys when possible.

So I packed up the pouches and all the cat toys and a few other (non-handmade) prizes and they're all ready to mail tomorrow.  They'll go out with two swaps (some teesha patches and the day of the dead box).

I feel so productive!

Next up. . .Skeleton Cat!


  1. I love love love those smiley shrimp! so darn cute :)

    1. I love that fabric, too. It's too cute.