Monday, October 21, 2013

GIVEAWAY: Giant Scrap Pack!! CLOSED!

It's that time again.

Time for the monthly giveaway.

As with every giveaway, this is tied to my FY14 Charity Sewing Challenge.  And like other giveaways in this series, its a scrap bundle featuring fabrics from things I've made since the last giveaway.

But this time there is a twist.  I did a LOT of cutting for a 2.5 inch charm swap I'm in (I cut almost just shy of 400 charms--crazy!) so the fabrics in this month's giveaway probably haven't been featured on my blog (since I didn't show off the piles of charms).

But never fear, I have a few pics to show you what you might win.

That's the whole pile.

It's really big.  I'd guess it's about a pound of fabric.  It features some smaller bits and pieces (scrappy scraps) and a lot of larger pieces.  I don't have actual measurements but the larger cuts aren't larger than a fat quarter and most are pretty evenly cut (so very few trimmings from when you cut out a pattern piece--so really even scraps, if you will).

That's the "scrappy scraps" and the strips.  Most strips are around 2.5 inches wide and vary in length.

Now, some pics of the larger pieces.

These are familiar.  They are from the 12 lb remnant box and I've used them in some projects.

Yes, there are some seasonal prints in this pile.  Cute gingerbread kids.  These haven't been used in any projects this month, they are purely from my charm cutting project.

Fun novelty prints (yes, that's Hello Kitty).  Again, these are all from my charm cutting project.

Country themed fabric and some more repro looking prints.  Hearts and flames and little cars and. . .yeah, there is just all kinds of stuff in this package.

All fabrics are quilting cottons.  Most have not been pre-washed.  I don't think there are any solids in this pile (but a bit may have snuck in, it's a fat pile).

I'm really excited to give this scrap pack away.  It features a lot of fabric I've had for a bit and have used here and there and am really ready to move along to help thin out my stash. Lots of good usable fabric you'll have fun sorting through.

OK, here are the few lone rules concerning this here giveaway:


1.  One entry per person.  Just leave a comment here about any old thing.  If you happen to mention some of your favorite colors/prints, I just might check my stash and add your favs to the pile (if you win).

2.  International entries are welcome.  But I reserve the right to put the pile on a small diet if it has to travel (if removing a bit of fabric will mean I can save significantly on shipping--if not, then you'll get every last bit--and I'll probably remove the tiny bits first, so you won't be missing out on much if the pile has to diet).

3.  Include your email in your comment (or make sure you're not a no-reply blogger).  If I can't contact you to tell you won, then I have to pick again.

4.  Winner will be drawn 10/25 (Friday October 25th) and will have until Monday October 28 to provide a mailing address.  New winner will be drawn if necessary.

5.  Winner will be announced in a separate blog entry.



  1. I'm in! I love using scraps :)

  2. I would like to enter, please! (And thank you) :)

  3. Sounds like a great giveaway, I love scrappy quilts. My stash needs pure yellow with a pattern in yellow or white. Deep dark red. Rich chocolate brown, Fall leaves, Halloween. As you see, I like all types of fabric. Thank you for the chance to win.

  4. Oooooh Awesome!!!! Loooove scraps...all colors...not a picky scrapper!! lol Would love for your scraps to come play at my house!!!

  5. Oh that looks like a wonderful prize! I don't have many fun prints at the moment. I love anything purple and my daughter loves cats! Thanks

  6. would love to win , i make scrap quilts

  7. Wow - what an awesome scrap pile! And I'm seeing lots of polka dots (which I LOVE)! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I love to sew with scraps! scrappy quilting is my favorite style of quilting and I would love to add your scraps to my collection :) A 12 lb remnant box sounds like a LOT of fun! and you seem to have achieved quite a bit with it thus far.

  9. I would love to win! I'm on a fabric buying moratorium. I finally got an ok from the docs to get a job, got one, and before I could even start fell and broke my wrist badly and may need surgery. That would be my 4th surgery this year! Now I can't even sew to kill boredom, but I will get back to it soon!

  10. You were wonderful with the red teesha moore patches and I loved them. I would love to win the stash of fabrics for my future sewing projects mostly is TM patches, dotee dolls and any small sewing. My favorite color is purple. my email address is