Monday, October 21, 2013

Crazy Busy Sunday: What I Got Done!

Sunday was a crazy busy crafty day.

First I cut up two yards of fabric into fat quarters for two different swaps.  Then I packaged them all up.

Then I finished another swap, this one for polaroid quilt blocks.

I forgot to get a pic of all of them.  I made a total of 5.  Four to swap and one for me.  Pictured are the one for me (the skeleton lady holding a skeleton baby) and two for one of my swap partners.  I had already packed up the other two (one had a cupcake as the picture, the other was another day of the dead block.

Ooh, seeing the pics of these I see my seams are kind of puckery.  I'm going to have to tune up my machine (I didn't press those, so pressing would probably deal with the puckering a bit--I hope!).

Next up was the latest round of Wacky 9 patches (it's an ongoing swap, I think this was round #4).

All six blocks crammed together to get one pic.  I got these done later last night (around 7) so I couldn't take them outside for pics in natural light.  So they had to be photographed in my dim-ass kitchen.

I really like both sets, but I think I like the black and white ones the best.  They're so busy but easy on the eyes.  The red ones are busy and bright, so seeing them right next to each other is a bit much.

Those all got packed up and are ready to mail here in a few minutes.

I also got a catnip toy made for my Day of the Dead shrine (it's a shrine to my deceased cats).  I also started working on the skeleton cat for the shrine, too.  It's just about all cut out.  You have to cut a ton of little bone pieces and sew them to the body parts before assembling the toy, so it's a lot of prep.  I'm hoping to get sewing on that Tuesday.

What else is on the agenda?

Yellow TM patches (got the ideas all set up, just need to assemble them) and an Autumn themed dotee doll (pulled some fabric for it but haven't thought about it any more than that).

OK, time to make one more post and then get to the post office.

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