Thursday, October 24, 2013

Progress Report: Little Portraits

OH NO.  I took off Clark's mouth and one of his pupils.  Poor Clark.

That one pupil needed to go.  It was on all wrong and was accentuating Clark's derpy-ness.  Clark is fine with being a bit derpy but that pupil was just. . .no.  His mouth was all kinds of off, too.  The shape was wrong.  I also had to work the color of his face more, so the mouth was in the way.

I'm liking the way the green is finally getting to the right shade.  It no longer looks like a yellow-green shade with white over top.  It's now heading more toward the chartreuse shade I want.  All thanks to. . .

Thalo green.

Imagine that, they make deliberately bright paints.  You don't have to just struggle with the bare basic colors and scowl when everything is so muted.

This is why I pay to take a painting "class".  I need someone to direct me toward fabulous mysteries of painting like Thalo green.  Thalo green makes things bright.  Thalo green is the color of the light bulb over my head as I "got it".

I need to get me some Thalo green.

Can you believe that the green is pretty much all I worked on for the little over two hours I painted?  Crazy, right?  But seeing the before and after side by side, it was worth it.

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