Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 Quilty Goal: Half Square Triangles

Making some progress on practicing other types of blocks.

Buoyed by the success of my first stab at playing with half square triangles (that patch I made), I decided to give pinwheels a try.

Missouri Star Quilt Company's youtube channel is great for all the learnings.  They had a "cheater" way to make pinwheels and damn it all, it was SUPER EASY.

These are super scrappy.  I just grabbed up some charms from my big pile of 5 inchers.  I kind of tried to make them play nicely with each other but as you can see some definitely look more "pinwheel" than others.  Higher contrast between fabrics is better.

This one isn't very pinwheel.  The fabrics are both too low volume-ish for the blades to stand out.  But I was able to use up a charm that had a big ole cross on it so that was good.  I'm not a fan of super religious fabric (like with crosses and that).

This one is definitely very pinwheel.  My shitty lighting doesn't do the color justice (of course).  The purples are really deep and pretty.

I thought this one would be cuter since it was chipmunks and some tree print but it's a bit too choppy to really stand out as a classic pinwheel.

My favorite.  It's super patterned but there's good light/dark contrast so it looks very pinwheel.

If I may brag, my points all meet up damn well, too.

While the tutorial is super simple, I did find I had to pay super close attention when I was pressing the seams on each piece.  Had to make sure they went in opposite directions so the diagonal seams would nest when I joined them.

Now I want to hack up all my 5" charms and make a super fugly pinwheel quilt top.  I also kind of what to try making super tiny pinwheels using some of my 2.5" charms.  That might not work out, but I think I will try it once just for shits and giggles.

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