Tuesday, January 13, 2015

For Swaps: Dotee dolls!

Showing off some dotees I finished over the weekend.

First up. . .hmm, who should be first. . .

Valentine dotee

It's a love bug!

How freaking cute is that, huh?

I'm super happy with how it turned out.

The only rule for the swap was it had to be valentines themed (so reds and pinks) and have one heart on it somewhere.  Done and done.

This is probably the smallest dotee I've ever made and it was really pretty damn easy.

The body is three pre-made felt balls strung together.  The antennae are the ends of the floss I used to string it (glued to make them stiff).  Legs are bakers twine tied between the segments (for the top and middle) and then threaded through and knotted off for the bottom legs.

The wings were made by tracing the shape of hearts put together (I have these stick on foam hearts and I arranged them to make the shape) onto fabric with batting in the center.  I sewed all the way around it then cut a slit in the center of the fabric to turn it through.  That slit was hidden when I put the wings on (stitched to the body).

The hanger is stitched to the wings (so the stitches are hidden behind the bugs head) and the tail is strung through the bottom segment.  The eyes are sequins with beads and the mouth is just one little stitch.

Then I just smudged a bit of glue on the ends of each leg to keep them from fraying.

SIMPLE and so damn cute I could spit.  PATOOIE.

Next up is an oddball dotee.


You looking at me!?

He has a bit of an attitude.

You would to if you were a pink BOY dotee living in a society where pink was a "girl" color.

The only rule for the swap was the dotee had to be pink.

This dotee is indeed pink.

I took two 5 inch fabric charms and cut them in half and sewed them back together to make the patchwork.  Then I just made an egg like shape.  Super simple.

I really like the face.  Pulling the eyes close together to make a bit of a nose was a fun little accident (not really a total accident but more like a discovery).

And the back, just to show off the patchwork and that the belt goes all the way around (and was stitched into the seam to keep it nice and neat.

Last but not least:


This is for a monthly theme dotee and January was pirates.


Three fabrics in a patchwork (it doesn't perfectly line up all the way around, though--oops!)  Purple corduroy for the pants, cool skeleton fabric for the shirt, and tea dyed fabric for the face (to give a slightly tan look)

I think I lied.  I think there was an eyepatch requirement (or I just thought there was).  So he keeps with the purple theme and has a fancy purple button and ribbon eyepatch which matches his parakeet (I have to get more of those buttons, they are fabulous).

Little golden yellow button for a belt buckle.

That's a very blurry pic of the super blinged out skull on his tail.  Fanc-a!

I'm waiting to mail them off until I get one last swap done, then I'll be all up to date (and mailed).  I'm making good progress on that last swap so I'm hoping to have all the latest stuff I've made out by Friday.

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