Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Fluff Project: January items

Look at me!

I have two Fluff project items done already.

Ok, ok, so I've had these partially finished (meaning stitched up but not stuffed/closed) for quite a while but sewing items shut is one of my least favorite steps so I tend to abandon projects when they get to that one last step.  So dumb, I know.

Anyway, I have two Fluff items done and that's what really counts.

Super freaking CUTE!

I bought them from Spoonflower when they were having BOGO fat quarters (or were they buy one get one half priced?  I think it was BOGO).

Each set was one fat quarter which is cool.

Wrinkly mama with her babies.

I should have pressed this set before I stuffed but I thought the wrinkles might just smooth out on their own.  Wrong.  I think I still might hit mama kitty with a blast of steam from the iron to see if I can't smooth her out a tiny bit.  Those wrinkles are mocking me.  The kittens don't show their wrinkles quite as much.

I love preprinted fabrics.  They make it so easy to whip up stuff.

I had originally planned to keep one set for myself but now that they're done I'd rather give the away.  I got a few stuffed toys for christmas (including a RECTUM!) so I don't need to keep these.  Some kid will definitely like them (hell, I like them and I'm an old fart!).

I just need to get three more items done for Fluff this month to meet my minimum goal.  I already have a pattern picked out (it's an easy one) and piece of fabric.  That one fat quarter won't make all three items but I want to see if I can get two from it to try and use it all up.

Next up after that?

Some flimsy making.

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