Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Swap stuff : Clay and patch

Just showing off some more swap stuff.

First, the patch

This was for the monthly patch swap in one of the groups I'm in.  You can make anything you want, so I just kind of pawed around in my stuff and this is what came about.

How effing cute is that cat button?

There's this one company (who's name I forget and I'm too lazy to look it up right now) that makes all kinds of super cute novelty buttons like these cats.  They're a little bit expensive (up to $3 per package, sometimes a package only has 6 buttons) but they're perfect for crafty projects like patches.  Except when a pack has the flat backs which are horrible and useless (unless you can jab a hole in them).

The back of the patch.  I was too lazy to iron the fabric.  Shame on me, shame.

Next up is my foray into polymer clay.  I've always been interested in it but never played with it.  So for chrsitmas I got a big pack of multi colors so I could give it a go.  (and there was another Play with Clay swap--I used air drying paper clay for the first one).

Cute little hedgie!

I found a tutorial for this on youtube and I was very pleased at how easy it was to make and how it really did turn out quite well.

The two big flaws?  The mouth is crooked and it should be purple.  I made it with two shades of purple but after baking it was more like two shades of brown.  Apparently polymer clay does that if you use too high a heat.  So I'll have to play around and drop the temp and up the bake time to see if I can get the clay to retain its original color a bit better.  (I had the color issue with almost all of the items I made in my toaster/convection oven--I don't have a regular oven because it died).

I made the hedgie after I'd practiced with some other items and I did put a foil dome over it so there weren't any dark/singed areas.

Roll on over there and let me rub your belly!

See, the mouth is not centered very well.  Not the biggest deal but annoying to me.

I used oil paint pens for the details and I'm not totally in love with oil paint pens.

I didn't seal any of my items because I didn't have the correct sealant (I only have modge podge and I don't think it's the best thing for polymer clay).  If I end up making more things I might get some sealant but it wasn't necessary for this swap since it's a beginner clay swap.

I also made some fortune cookies.  I made them before the hedgie.  The shape came out great but they did get a tiny bit dark.  It looks ok on them since they are cookies but the darker shade looks more chocolate.

I used superglue to add the little felt tags.

The first thing I made (over christmas when I was at my parents' house) was:

I just had to add the faces and stems before I sent them.

When I made them I wasn't thinking apple and cherries.  Just an apple and smaller apples.  They really were just test items.  The color stayed nice on them and no dark areas.  But my mother's oven is good with the temp and all that, so that's probably why they turned out so well.  I just need to learn the ins and outs of my toaster oven dealie.

The cherries are sweet and sour, one with a smile and one with a kind of "meh" face.  The stems are braided craft string (thing embroidery floss but you can't separate the strands).  The apple's stem is ribbon.  I was going to add a wooden stem (using a toothpick) but it didn't work out.  So I scrapped it.

I used superglue for all the stems, which may or may not be the best thing to use on polymer clay.

Shiny happy apple looking cute!

(sing with me, to the tune of Shiny Happy People)

Shiny happy apple looking cu-uuu-ute.  Ap-le, happy apple!

"sour" cherry is not amused.  (or in very good focus--I suck at photography which is another thing that makes sour cherry annoyed)

Sweet cherry is amused by it all.

And last but not least, I made something I did not send in my swap.  I wasn't sure my swap partner would be as amused by it as I am (though I think she might, she's not uptight).


Poo fingers!

Tiny little poops with eyes are so effing cute I could. ..well. . .poop!

You know I want to make a toilet and toilet paper now, too.  I'm so juvenile.

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