Monday, January 5, 2015

Let's Book It 2015 (and other creative goals)

I've set a bunch of creative goals for the new year.

To start, I'm joining Vrooman's Quilts Let's Book It 2015.

It's super simple.  Once a month you make something from a pattern/book you already have.  I already have my January project picked out.  I've decided to reveal the book (or pattern) I chose for the month when I reveal the finished project.

The project doesn't have to be from an actual book, either.  It can be a pattern you bought (not in a book) or a free pattern/tutorial you saved "for later".  Guess what?  Later is NOW.

In fact, I have projects already lined up for the next few months.  I figured I should plan ahead so I could make sure I have all the supplies before the time to make the project actually arrives.  That said, I'm doing my best to use stash items.  But some projects might need a notion I don't have (or have enough of) so I'm allowing for purchases for Book It projects.

That leads to one of my other 2015 creative goals:


I'm not going on an official fabric fast just yet but I'm also not going to be doing any random purchasing, either.  But I want to use my stash as much as possible but I'm leaving the door open to do a tiny bit of buying if I find crazy good deals on things I already have on my wish list.  But it has to be a crazy good deal.  CRAZY.

OK, let's make this a proper list:

2015 Creative Goals:

1.  Let's Book It 2015.  One project (minimum) per month.  I added the minimum because some of my books have projects that are really fast and easy (like done in a few hours) so I want to make multiple projects in those cases.

2.  UFO completion.  I want to try and double dip with the Book It challenge to finish a few items that I started.  I have a quilt top that fits into that category (I'd finish it and do another easy pattern like it for it to count as my Book It).  I also have a stuffed toy project that I pulled the fabric for (and prepped the pattern by assembling it) but haven't actually done any stitching.

3.  Stash Busting.  I want to use from my stash as much as possible for all Book It projects.  But I will buy things if I do need them for a specific project.  (note:  I need to buy some felt in a few colors I'm out of, so I plan to do a felt project so I can make one big felt purchase--that's the kind of buying I'm talking about, not buying just to hoard).

4.  Fluff Project.  I want to make (minimum) 60 stuffed toys this year.  That's 5/month.  I really want to do way more than that (and hopefully will) but I'm officially signing up for 60 for the year.  The Book It challenge will help with that, too.  I have a lot of patterns I've been meaning to try out and now I will (and maybe work them into my Fluff sewing).

5.  Reading.  I'm adding this here just because I can.  I want to read 12 books this year.  I know that's not very lofty, but I'm setting the bare minimum very low to make it highly achievable.  That's one book a month.  TOTALLY doable.  As I finish a book, I'll note it here.

6.  New Skills.  I want to work with half square triangles and free motion quilting this year.  I'm sure I'll find a few patterns that I can do for Book It that will have me trying out the two new things I'm most keen on trying.

7.  New craft and techniques.  I want to work with polymer clay a bit more (got some for christmas) and experiment with fabric paints and pens.

I think that's about it for now.  I do have a specific list of projects I want to work on/finish but I'll address them here as I complete them.

Let's get creative!

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