Friday, February 6, 2015

For a Swap: Kawaii Stuffie: Cutest Jellyfish EVER!

I'm not speaking out of turn, now am I?  Is that not the. cutest. jellyfish. ever?

Of course it is!

And so damn easy to make I almost feel like I'm cheating.

I found the pattern/tutorial on Crafster .

I had a basic idea how to make it (using the trims for the tentacles and all that) but I was hemming and hawing about how to make the head part.  The Crafster tutorial solved that problem.

The head part is just one big circle and one slightly smaller circle.  Attach the tentacles to the smaller circle by cris-crossing them and then hiding the area where they intersect with another (much smaller) circle.  I used a zig zag stitch since I was working with fleece and it's all stretchy.

Then ball the tentacles up (to keep them out of the way) and attach the smaller circle to the larger making sure NOT to match the edges perfectly (and keep fabrics right sides out--so no turning for this project).  The larger circle should be a good inch or two bigger than the smaller so when you join them the larger circle makes the puffed up "head" (and the edges can ripple).

Then add the safety eyes making sure to put a bit of scrap fleece between the main fabric and the washer you push over the eye's shank.  Those washers have tiny teeth and if you don't put a buffer bit of scrap fabric between the washer and the main fabric, the teeth like to poke through.  And you run the risk of the washer setting too tight and then you can see it around the eye and it looks crappy.

Stuff it medium full (not super full but enough so the head is puffy) and then machine stitch the opening closed.  Again, I used a zig zag for all the stitching (and a ball point needle).

Then just add a quick embroidery stitch mouth (hiding your knots down in the tentacle area--that was really the hardest part of the whole project because I kept getting the needle and floss caught up in the trims and it was a beast to shove through).

The whole project took less than an hour.

Tips:  Use drinking glasses to make circles.  I used a margarita glass for the big circle and a tumbler sized glass for the slightly smaller one.

OH and the best tip.  Check out Pat Catan's (craft store) for the trim.  They sell these great mixed lot little bags that have 10 different 12 inch pieces of trim in them for $1.  They were the perfect length and there was a ton of variety so the tentacles have a lot of personality.  They sell all white packs and rainbow packs (and I think there was another, maybe black/white).  Great way to buy trim when you only need a bit.


  1. That certainly is very adorable! Resisting the urge to start some new crafting, but I'll keep it in mind :)

    1. So stinking SIMPLE, too. Start to finish, under an hour. And that was for a first try, when you're a lot slower.