Monday, January 5, 2015

For Swaps: Ninni and a Dotee

Time to show off two swap items I finished over my holiday break.

First up, another Ninni.

I loved working with this pattern before (the Day of the Dead dotee, remember?) and was thrilled when one of my swapping friends set up another swap using it.

This time I got a different partner which was fun so this happened.

Go ahead, little Ninni.  Try it on.

No, it's not a wig.  Try again.

Nope, not horns, either.

There you go!

It's a skirt.  A tentacle skirt so you can dress up like a squid.

I have to admit, I'm all proud that I used bias tape to make a tentacle skirt for a stuffed monster doll.  the skirt tentacles (shorter ones) are just the ninni leg pattern.  The skirt "arms" (long tentacles) are just free drawn.  I have a lot of squid sewing experiences so they were a snap.

Speaking of snaps, I even went that little bit extra and put a wee little snap on the skirt because I'm awesome like that.  OH, and the snap was sewn through only one layer of the bias tape, so you don't see any ugly attaching stitches.  THEN, I hand stitched the end of the bias tape inside itself so the end is all need and not fraying and ragged.  I will admit, the hand stitching is not as neat and pretty as the machine stitching but it's not heinous, either.  Attention to details (aka anal retentiveness) I have it.

(the eyes are vintage fabric shank buttons, too.  They worked PERFECT)

Next up?  Dotee Doll Whimsy Jar.

The swap was for a jar filled with dotee making stuffs (and a dotee). The jar lid had to be decorated, too.

So I made a pin cushion on the top of my fancy blue Ball jar.

I bought a nice new jar because I just didn't have any I could recycle (and I was worried even if I did wash out a nice jar it would somehow still be stinky and make everything gross).

Goodies inside.  Ribbon and trims and beads and bobbles.  Lots of fun stuff.  Then I wrapped the jar in two different fabrics and then bubble wrap (before boxing it up).

But not before I put the super crazy dotee inside (per instructions).

She kind of looks a hot mess but she's really super 80s retro.  She has wild yarn hair on only one side of her head (a la Cyndi Lauper) and a veil on the other side (a la early Madonna).

Crazy eyelash yarn used as. . .wait for it. . eyelashes (a la Janice from the Muppets or Chicky Baby from the Puppet Band in Pee Wee's Playhouse).  Kissy lips made from a little heart button (no, I will never think of those heart buttons and not laugh since I used them to make cat bungholes).

Then she has a vintage lace belt all slouched on her hip with charm accents (a cuff and a dragon fly--it's a the tied side).  The lace hangs way down to give a hint of Stevie Nicks in there, too.  Rock on, gold dust woman!  The tail is some beads (in a muted tone) and the last of my star charms.

Her body is made from batik scraps (light on the front, dark on the back).

She's wild and crazy and a bit odd but I really like her.  She was fun to make and is definitely one of a kind.

I won't mail these out for a bit.  I want to get two other swaps done to take along with them.  But one is a clay swap so I need to fart around with polymer clay.  I can't quite decide what I want to make and I'm sure I'll burn at least one thing so I need to get started on that so I have time to cock it up a few times before something turns out.

(oh and I totally want to make clay poo--that's going to be one of my test projects).

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