Monday, March 3, 2014

Hopeful Threads 2014 First Quarter Project: COMPLETE

Check it out.  I got this done EARLY and didn't even know it.  I was reviewing the guidelines for the first quarter project and it goes until March 31.  So I got it done EARLY.  *pelvic thrust*  OH YEAH!

Yup, I'm off to the post office here in about 15 minutes to mail off TWO packages to Kristy.

Why two?

Well, because I am dumb.  Hey, there's no way to split hairs.

See that there, I bought a BUNCH of stuff then realized it wouldn't fit all in the box I had chosen (I deliberately picked a flat rate priority box because the stuff is hefty).  DOH!  Oh, and it wasn't until I had already purchased the items that I realized I would have been further ahead to just make the pouches and include a gift card so Kristy could buy things locally and make my life easier (no having to lug that heavy arse box to the post office).  But we already established I am dumb.

But, lets be honest.  I liked doing the shopping and would have been sad to just throw a gift card out there.  Yes, I know it would have been more economical BUT. . .since I've been on a fabric fast I've been spending less on my hobbies so the money side of it wasn't an issue.  I also tell my spouse if he ever thinks I'm spending too much on anything (charity stuff, whatever) to just speak up.  He's not bothered by it so it's all good.  Oh, and I bought the stuff in small lots over a few weeks (with my regular grocery shopping) so it wasn't one big expense at once (and I got a lot of it on clearance or discounted in some way).  So really, the biggest cost (in my feeling) is the shipping BUT I refer back to the "fabric fast" to prove there are plenty of resources for one big shipping fee.  AND, since we're doing quarterly projects I'm not nickel and diming every month with smaller projects so I just save that up for one big shipment.  (note:  I don't include the Fluff Project in that--it has it's own budget, if you will).

OK, enough blathering about my spending habits.  Let's see the pouches.

Eight total.


Sure, why not!

This one is just one of my favorites.  That fabric is just so cute and PERFECT for this.  It's also a cotton/linen blend so it's a bit more sturdy (I'm so lazy I just can't be bothered to make the pouches with webbing in them to make them more sturdy--just the thought of that extra step makes me want to not sew at all!).

Top one is the inside of the Simpsons bag.  Bottom is the inside of the toothpaste one.

Top:  inside of bright animals.  Bottom:  Inside of Lorax.

Both sides of the elephant one.  I just really like how well those colors worked together.  (the pic doesn't do it justice)

Top:  Inside of girls fabric.  Bottom:  inside of aqua/flowers pouch (some of the Hello Tokyo fabric--so pretty)

This one is, I think, my favorite of the bunch which totally surprises me.  I wasn't a huge fan of the fat quarters on their own (I got them in a mystery bundle) but paired together like this I think they're really fun and pretty.

After I had put the building fabric on the inside I thought it might have been even better to have done a mix and match with this one.  One of each print for the outside and inside.  But I really like how the inside looks like a wee city when you open the bag.

OH, and how cute is that little cat on the outside fabric.  All arching her back, being all sassy!  I love the details on that fabric.  It's a really nice quality fabric, too.

Ok, it's about time for me to trek over to the post office to rid myself of the packages.  Yes, I said "rid myself".  No joke, that box is HEAVY.  And, funniest of all, the pouches are one of the things I couldn't fit into it.  I took the pouches, socks, and a pack of disposable razors and put them into a plastic mailing envelope.  I figured it was best to put the least jabby items in the bag (and the lightest items).

Curious about what all is in the box?  Well, if memory serves there is (in groups of 8 or more):

--washcloth/body wash packets.  One washcloth and one mini body wash in an individual ziploc bag (4 boy scents, 4 girl scents--washcloths are all neutral)
--toothbrush caps
--mini toothpaste
--mini shampoo (unisex)
--mini deoderant (4 boy, 4 girl)
--hair ties (one package)
--box tampons
--box pads
--two packs panty liners

I'm pretty sure that's enough stuff to meet all hygiene needs for boys and girls.  Well, except for shaving cream which I can't ship because it's under pressure (and on the "no no" list).

OK, time to trudge off to the post office.  I better get some cash on the way, just in case their debit machine is down (it goes down quite a bit and getting cash will insure it will be fine).

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