Monday, March 17, 2014

Fabric Fast: Broke the Fast

Time for a Fabric Fast True Confession.

I just broke the fast.

Actually, it's the second time I broke the fast.  But for the record, both purchases were for projects.  But one project is one I decided to do once I saw the fabric.

First things first.

My first break was to buy fabric for a swap I'm in.  Normally I wouldn't buy fabric for a swap.  I'm even trying to avoid joining fabric swaps where I'd need to buy to participate.  BUT, this project was for a Teesha Moore patch bag and I needed a bit of yardage to make the bag (the bag has to be lined and I didn't have enough yardage to make the shell and lining).  And since I was buying fabric to make the bag body, I decided to get a bit of fairy print fabric to make some patches, too.  So I got a yard of the rose print in the Briar Rose collection (since my swap partner likes roses) and this super cute fairy fabric.

I'm not showing the fairy fabric off just yet.  I want to wait for the bag reveal to show it off.  I got a half yard (smallest cut they sold) to insure I had all the images.  I'm SO glad I got that fabric.  It's gorgeous and going to make some very beautiful patches.  I might just make the whole bag using that fabric for the patches, too (haven't decided yet--the swap's not due until May so I have some other projects to work on first).

Now for the true confession.  The purchase (that I just made) that is truly more of a cheat than the fabric bought for the Teesha bag (even though I totally chose the Briar Rose print because I like it and will get any scraps--I can't deny it).  I saw this fabric and HAD to have it.  But because of the fast I needed to come up with a project for it, which wasn't tricky.

Frog and Toad!!!

I loved these books as a kid and. . .I'm fairly certain my hubby did, too.

So guess who's getting a Frog and Toad quilt!!

I decided to make a simple 9 patch quilt using the above print and this:

It's the plaid from the same collection.

To make it a bit more exciting, I also got the print in the green they offer.  So I'm planning to make alternating 9 patch blocks (blue, green, blue, green).  The print will be the dark color in the block and the plaid the light color (so 5 patches of the print, 4 of the plaid).  No sashing between the blocks.

For the border, I got the cookie print (in tan) from the same line.

I'm going to use 5 inch charms for the blocks, so it will be a big pattern that will (hopefully) sew up easily.  I've been dragging my feet on doing a quilt and I think this will be a good way to finally get me over my fear of doing a full quilt.

I'm planning to make a twin bed sized (or close) size.  Something big enough to cover up with when lazing about on the couch (which is what I'm planning to use this quilt for--it will be more attractive than the raggedy blankets we use now--though no silky edge, and I do love silky edge!).

For the back, I got this:

It's the panel from the same line.  I'm thinking I'll just make a scrappy back using some of the panel images and whatever fabric I have left over and maybe stuff from my stash.  I'm really leaving the back up in the air right now.

For the binding, I'm hoping to do it wrap around style (make the back larger then just wrap it over to make the binding) to make it easier.  I might even hand stitch the binding.

For the quilting, I'll probably just follow the patches and do a really basic quilting.

I'm also toying with using some of our income tax money to get a new machine that has a built in walking foot so I can start experimenting with free motion quilting (or just have better experiences with quilting with a regular foot--less shifting of layers).

So I had to do Quilt Math today and it was sad and slow (I'm such a math dunce) but I think I calculated correctly.  If anything, I'm worried I over bought.  But that could be a good thing should I mess up when cutting OR I'll have leftovers for the back.

But first things first.  I need to decide if I'm going to pre-wash the fabric or not.  I'm torn.  Should I also pre-wash the batting?  Does batting shrink that much?  I need to research that before I decide.

Here's hoping this goes well!


  1. I'm later than I'd have liked getting through stuff in my feed reader at the moment, so I hope this is still useful, but as no-one else has replied, I will! Definitely don't wash the batting. Not sure why, as I'm nowhere near an expert in this, but everyone I read when I was starting out who knows what they're talking about says don't wash the batting until it's been sewn through. There's no consensus on pre-washing the fabric or not (I don't bother) except with precuts, where it will fray too much at the edges in the machine, and you'll lose too high a proportion of the usable fabric - it depends really how crinkley you want the quilt to go (it will be more crinkley if it all shrinks slightly together after quilting).

  2. Oh, and I should have said - I love the fabric! Good luck with your quilt.

  3. No way Frog and Toad fabric! I had a book as a child and have bought them for my children! I've never washed quilt batting before quilting and never had a problem...

  4. I never wash quilt batting either. Nor fabrics for quilting, I just toss a colour catcher in when I wash the quilt. I only pre-wash fabric for clothing. Hope that helps!

  5. Oh, you will have fun working with that! Enjoy your project and just forget about feeling any guilt for breaking the fast. Feel the fabric love!

  6. That fabric is incredibly cute! I don't prewash either fabric or batting. Have fun making that quilt!