Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Two Patches

Two patches I finished up last night.

Oh, let me just add this first:


If my swap partner (bennysmumma) is looking these are BOTH for you.  If you don't want to see them yet, LOOK AWAY!!

I like to post them as soon as I make them so I don't forget.

Ok, time for pictures.

First up, a patch for the Johnny Cash song theme.  You had to make a patch inspired by a Johnny Cash song.

I chose the song "Sam Hall".

The song is a man who's on the gallows and cursing out folks who have wronged him.  Soooo. . I decided to make a noose.  I have to be honest, I was torn about making the noose since it can be a powerful symbol that could be disturbing to folks but I feel in the context I'm using it is not hateful or threatening.  I also deliberately chose more whimsical colors (heck, they're halloween colors) so it wouldn't be too sinister.  That and the eyes I used are goofy so the noose couldn't be super serious or it would clash.

"So a swing'n I must go, I must go."

This is an actual functioning noose, too.  The internet taught me how to tie it.  It's not hard but it is tricky.  I think it was harder because I was using lighter string and not heavy rope.  So I had to tape the string down in spots so it wouldn't flop all over the place.  Once I had it secured the tieing was MUCH easier.

The curse Sam Hall uses over and over again is "damn your eyes".  So I put eye beads on the corners.  My original thought for this patch was to just make one great big eye but I didn't think I could make it look nice enough and I didn't want to make a crappy item.  And I have a lot of these beads and I like putting beads on the edges.  I also like having dimensional items on the patch, like the noose that's actually swinging (not stitched down).  I also thought about just embroidering a noose image but I couldn't draw one nice enough.

The back fabric is spooky looking tree branches.  I really just wanted something dark so it wouldn't distract from the front of the patch.  That's why I kept all the stitches the same color and matched it to the fabric.  Usually I just use whatever bits of floss I have heaped up in my floss box but not for this one.

OK, time for something a LOT lighter.

I signed up for the "I wish for a ________" TAG.  There you tag the person ahead of you (and make a patch from one of their wished for themes) and then you list a few themes you'd like and then you wait for someone to tag you.

When I saw a wish for a Bob's Burgers patch, I bit.

First I was going to make a character patch.  I had decided on Louise because I have a nice printed out image of her and I wanted to take on making her hat (maybe using fleece?).  But to be honest, she's not my favorite character and I'm not sure if she's my partner's favorite either so I wasn't totally excited about it.

So I started googling images for Bob's Burgers and I found the PERFECT image.

It's one of Tina's posters!!

And the size was perfect for a patch.  AND!!!  And it gave me a chance to try out crayon tinting.

I could hardly wait to get home and make this patch.

At first I was going to tint the main parts (horses, words, hearts) and then add some embroidery (maybe all the outlines?) but once I got it all colored it just really felt like a poster.  Very flat like that which I liked.  So I just sewed the top fabric to the felt (along two edges so it would be pulled fairly taught) and then did the backing.

Horses on the back, of course.  I think Tina Belcher would approve.

And incase anyone is keeping track, Tina is my favorite Belcher.  She's just so awkward but she really OWNS it and makes it work for her in her own way.  I also appreciate her fondness for butts.  Butts really are fabulous for so many reasons.


  1. I'm hating Naomi right now. Those patches are just too awesome.

    1. I was hating on your partner that got that cabbage/brussel sprout dotee. That was so dang CUTE.

    2. Awww thank you! Those little cabbages were so much fun to make.