Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wacky 9 Patch Quilt Blocks

Another swap DONE.

Set of wacky 9 patch blocks.

Two sets to trade, one for me.

The closeups are the ones I kept.

The pic doesn't do it justice.  The solid color is a tan but the woven looking print.  The dots on the purple fabric are about the same shade which pairs with the tan in the bigger dot print.

Again, the colors aren't popping due to my sad photography skills (and using my phone).  The rose print is a creamy shade which goes well with the book print (I used that one on a recent patch and pulls from the shiny gold accents in the music fabric.

All three of the fabrics on the music/books/roses block are from one of my more recent scrap pack purchases (perhaps the last one I got right before I went on my buying fast?  can't remember what store that one was from but the box was really good).

That's all I have today.

Tonight I start sewing on the pouches for this quarter's Hopeful Threads project.  I want to get that box out the door by the end of the week.  I grabbed up a big priority box when I was at the post office this morning, so I'll pack all the extras tonight and then just pop the pouches in as I finish them.  Can't wait to have that project DONE.

Then I have to work on an art doll and my multi-media curse project.  I know what I'm doing for my curse but the dolls is still up in the air.  We'll see what comes.

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