Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What a sh*tty post! (warning, potty humor ahead)

One more warning.  You are about to view some potty humor.  And the title isn't misleading.  This is a shitty post (oh, and I don't edit the curses out in the body of the post, just in the title).

Ok, so what's got me all working blue?

A regretsy forum swap.  The theme was "Multi Media Curse".  Yup.  It was a swap to make a curse word (or phrase) using whatever medium is your favorite.  So pretty finished hoops with curse words stitched on them or a little painting of genitals.  The only rule was "no slurs".

I didn't want to do an embroidery hoop (even though I do love curse hoops and hope that's what I get for my swap--though I'll like anything) so I played to my strengths.

 A pile of shit


A little flag that reads "Eat Me"


A fun way to tell someone to eat shit.

I don't know about you, but that expression is just REALLY nasty to me.  Gross and mean and really just tells someone what you think of them.

And, the little flag is rude all by itself.  (bonus!)

The poo pile was really easy to make (just like the real thing, huh?--oh, how I do love toilet humor!).  It's just a tube of fabric with a point at one end.  Turn it, stuff it, curl it up and sew it down.  POOP!

The funniest part was, I had two different fabrics that were poo-ish.  Both were really low nap faux fur but the one I went with had a bit of shine to it which I think added a more realistic touch (eewww!).

The flag is an upcycled piece of ribbon (the ribbon that comes on sheets or bundles of wash clothes) with embroidered words.  At first I tried making a paper flag but it was hideous.  Then I tried fabric maker (brown, of course) on the ribbon but the ribbon is such a loose weave I got bleeding even though the markers don't normally bleed that much.  Then I just sucked it up and embroidered onto it and it turned out very well (I was worried it wouldn't what with it being a loose weave and such a small item to stitch on).

Then I glued the ribbon around the pick (and to itself) but it wouldn't hold so I put stitches in it, too.  Along the pick and the edges.  That turned out to be a good call because it made the flag a big more rigid which looks better.

I'm very happy with how this turned out.  So happy, in fact, that I wanted to kick grass over it and then run around like a fool (or bury it with kitty litter!).

I tried to get a picture of my cats interacting with it but they were too fast.  Eugene did bite at the pick and it was hilarious but I was afraid he's ruin it so I had to give up on my photo shoot.

The best part is, I made a HUGE tube (since I was unsure how much I'd need since I didn't know how big a pile of poo I'd be making) so I could make more poo if I wanted.  And I kind of do want to.  Maybe my cats need some catnip poop?


  1. HA! I just don't know what to say to that. But yes, your cats probably need some of that too :)

  2. lol catnip poo toys would be awesome!