Monday, March 17, 2014

For Swaps (and Fluff Project): Bunnies and Pretzels.

I got quite a bit of sewing done Sunday (after a few days of doing absolutely nothing).

I finished up two swaps and made some progress on the latest Fluff Project items.

True confession, I poached one of the bunnies to use in a swap.  So that's why I got so much done in such a short span of time.  Shhh, don't tell!


"What is that?"
"Is it a. . ."

"Ewww, is it a poop!"


"No, it's not a poop.  It smells like. . .a pretzel.  YUM!"

You are right, little bunny.  It's a pretzel.

*in unison*

"Mmm, we want a bite!"

I felt a bit guilty snagging one of the Fluff Project bunnies for a swap (ok, not that bad) so I made a pretzel to go with the bunny (and I'll make another bunny to replace the one I took).  Why, of all things, a pretzel?

Well (as you can see) I had some leftover fabric tube from the turd I made earlier in the week and I was making a pretzel for the April Unique Dotee swap.

THIS pretzel:


How galldurn cute is that pretzel.  RIGHT?!

I realized as I was making the face what I was really doing, too.  I was making something I loved as a kid.  Or, rather, a version of something I loved as a kid.

I always loved Sesame Street.  In particular, the skit where an item would go on "Here is Your Life" (with your host Guy Smiley).  I really liked the food ones, like Loaf of Bread, Here is your Life.  (and I'm fairly certain there was a broccoli one, too).

So, I had (without actively trying) made a Sesame Street style pretzel, perfect for "Here is Your Life".

Pretzel. . .Here is your life!!

Once I realized that, it was VERY hard for me to let this little pretzel go.  But I know I can make another one if I want.  In fact, making the smaller pretzel for the bunny was kind of me proving to myself that I could make a second pretzel if I wanted.  I worry about that sometimes.  That I'll make a random item and then never be able to duplicate it.  So it's nice to prove to myself that I could duplicate some of my favorite items, like this pretzel.

This cutey is off to FINLAND!!  I'm so excited for him.  His life will really get exciting once he moves abroad!

Here's to a fun life, Pretzel!

(bunny and her pretzel are off to Ohio, which is fun too, but not as fun as Finland)


  1. How cute!! Love the pretzel! Thanks for sharing! Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  2. omg. You had me at "is it a poop" So adorable!!!