Friday, March 7, 2014

Swaps completed: Dotee and Art Doll

I got two swap things done last night.

First up, the quicker of the two (did it all in an hour or so last night).

Flower Dotee:

Just a simple dotee.

The theme was "flower" so it had to have at least one flower on the body somewhere.  Either made from flower print fabric or adorned in some way.

I got that pretty flannel in another swap (earlier in the day) and I just liked it so much I had to use it right away.  It's really soft which I thought was nice for a flower theme.

Kawaii style face (which is kind of my thing).  Just a simple flower shape with some embroidery.

Bead flower details.

The stem is just embroidery (I just randomly stitched).  Then I put the beads on based on where I stopped with the stems.

It just kind of randomly worked out that I went large to small going down the stem.  I think it looks cute.

Super simple but very classic in style (with a little kawaii twist).

Next up, the art doll I've been working on for a few days now.

"Love" art doll:

The theme was "love".  So you could go with classic valentines/romantic love (reds/pinks/hearts/cupid) or any route you wanted as long as you could tie it to "love" in some way.

I didn't want to do another valentines themed doll (been there, done that with the zombie cupid) but I did want to have hearts.  Then I found this fabric in my stash (I think I just got this from one of my swaps) and it was perfect.  Printed with sparkly hearts (and "love") but not in the classic colors.

So I decided to go with a generic "love" theme and make a pattern I had been wanting to try (a pattern I got from another swap) and have the doll be a theme of "what I love" which is trying new patterns and sewing.

I knew what fabric I wanted and the pattern but the rest was just up in the air.  What was I going to embellish the doll with?

At first I was toying with cats (since I do love them) but the cats I usually make were too kawaii/cutesy for this more artsy doll.

Then I found some new ribbon at Target and one of them was just begging to be made into a crown.  So now I was heading in a fairy/pixie direction.  I was ok with that (but didn't want to do wings).  I was also fretting because the head was just plain UGLY.  I knew I needed a wig but was hemming and hawing about it (because the head is an odd shape).

So I went and checked out my yarn and low and behold I had the perfect yarn for a simple wig.  Frizzy yarns hide a multitude of sins when making wigs.

I just wrapped the yarn around my forearm (like you would wrap a cord up) and then tied it off in the center.  I stitched the "part" down to the head and then randomly stitched it to the head making sure it was spread out nicely to hide the scalp.

I had already decided to use the ribbons (trailing off the crown) before I made the wig so I decided to keep them but just put them randomly into the wig instead of as a train from the crown (since it was getting bulky at that spot on the head).

So now it was looking like a decent doll but there was something missing.

The legs are SO long and they just needed something.  Stitches or beads or something.

YES, beads.  Flower beads!

I thought about running them down each leg but then the anklet idea came up and it was definitely the right choice (wave to the cat hair there on the foot--that's a hair from my Olive, she's a devon rex so her hairs are little and bristly).

All said and done, I really like this doll.  I'm glad she doesn't have a face, too.  I think it adds to her "muse" feel.  That's what I'm calling her, a Muse Doll.  Very appropriate to have her posed near my sewing machine and crafting stuff.

I hope she's well received.

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