Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift: For My Sister

I doubt she looks at my crafty blog so I feel safe this won't spoil the surprise (I'm mailing this today so she'll definitely get it by Friday).

It's a fabric card (well, sort of).  It's really a TM style patch but it's doubling as a Valentine's Day card from my sister's cats.

No, you're not seeing things.  Those are bungholes.  Bungholes made with tiny heart buttons (damn, I love that pack of buttons so much--no joke, I paid full price for another package of them and then traumatized the cashier girl at Joanne Fabrics when I mentioned I used them to make cat butts).

The cats are rough representations of my sister's cats.

Earl.  He's solid gray with bright orangey yellow eyes.  He's the younger of the two.

Lowell.  He's black and white (white on his mouth and up his nose a bit and white socks on each foot) and green eyes (and white whiskers--yes, I looked at a picture of him to make sure I got his markings somewhat correct and that I got the whisker color right).

No, neither of them have heart shaped bungholes.  Lord knows if they did we'd all know about it seeing as cats love to put their arses in your face.

She has no idea this is on its way to her.  I also put a note on the envelope to open it carefully (so she'll think it's loaded with glitter--that way she'll be all miffed at first thinking I'm glitter bombing her, hee hee).

I think it'll make her laugh.  Who can't laugh at cat bungholes and word play puns (I love cheesy play on word/pun things like this).


  1. Great work! I have those same heart buttons, too and I adore them. Did you take inspiration from Bob's Burgers? You know the episode where Linda's sister paints noting by animal anuses. That's what I first thought of when I saw this. lol

    1. Oh, I love that episode. No, I actually didn't think of it. Another online friend was making "cat arse" magnets (with the same look of the cat looking back over its shoulder). I asked her if I could steal that general look/idea to make this patch.

      I think my sister will love this even more, now. She loves Bob's Burgers, too (and that episode).

      Speaking of Bob's Burgers, I totally want to make a patch that looks like the "Love" horse poster in Tina's room (with the horses nuzzling).

  2. I know the cat butt magnets you're talking about. They are really cool. Naomi made me a BB patch with the picture of the flying cheeseburgers behind the counter.

  3. Those kitties are just adorable!!!! :)