Thursday, February 13, 2014

For a swap: Doll and Pattern

Another swap completed.

This one was for a swap to make a doll and include the pattern you used.  Of course, I went with one of the good ones from Nuno Life.

I modified the zebra pattern (once again) but this time without a rainbow shooting out the butt.

Oh, and no rainbow mane and tail.  Just red varigated floss.

This time I attached the hooves like the tutorial notes and it worked well (on the previous unicorn I didn't need to worry about it since I was sewing it down to a hat).

The mane is a little different, too.  I parted it down the back instead of just pulling it all to one side.  It's also a little bit shorter.  I really like it.

Both sides of the face.  I added a wee forelock because it was needed.

I think the horn is a little longer on this one and I like it.  Still made the same way, with a toothpick wrapped in floral wire/ribbon (that ribbon with the wire in it--this has two strips of wire with tinsel between them, kind of like a railroad track--I twisted it together to make one strand then wrapped it around the toothpick).

Seed bead eyes instead of sequins.  I like the smaller eyes a lot better.

I was tempted to add nostrils and/or a mouth but I think it would make the face too cluttered.  If this wasn't made with felt, I could have added them with fabric pen but I've found fabric pen tends to smear (and not get absorbed as fully) when I use it on felt (even the good wool blend felt, which this is).

This unicorn is between 4 and 5 inches tall (at the horn) and a bit longer (but not by much).  Super small and cute and not hard to put together at all (ok, the face gusset is a tiny bit fussy but not hard, you just need patience and to do it just about last).

I'm mailing this out tomorrow.  I hope it's well received.

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