Monday, February 10, 2014

For Swaps: Patches

I have two patch posts this morning.

First, the ones I made for swaps.

Swap:  Spring Patch.

Pastel and bright colors with bunnies and flowers (with seed beads).

The back.

Next was a set of three with the theme "rainbow".

All three of them together.

Baby unicorn with a rainbow.

Closeup.  I added the horn (from felt) and embroidered the blue onto the mane and tail.  Added a few of those super cute tiny heart buttons and a bit of rainbow ribbon.

I love that fabric.  I got it as a remnant and have used it a bit.  It's really just for fussy cutting.

Rainbow butterflies.

(over exposed) Closeup.  

The butterflies are sequins held on with a row of rainbow seed beads.

I didn't have much in the way of true rainbow fabric (either printed with rainbow images or tie dyed rainbow) so I had to get creative.  If the fabric featured a lot of colors I called it "rainbow".  Hence the purple striped fabric on this one.

Reading Rainbow.

It's book print fabric with rainbow beads and rainbow embroidery.  I really like this one a lot.  It's silly and weird and just suits me.

The backs of all three.  See, a rainbow of colors but nothing exactly "rainbow".  I finally cut into a bit of the purple batiks I have (and I still don't much care for batiks--guess I never will).  The truly tie dyed one was from my 5 inch charm stash.  I busted that out to use for some swaps (to swap just the fabric and to use some, hopefully, for some doll clothing).

I already mailed the spring patch and the rainbow ones are going out this morning.


  1. How in the hell do you get the back of your patches so neat?

    1. I do all the sewing before I wrap the backing fabric around. Then I'm careful when I sew the edges, trying not to catch the backing fabric (though sometimes I do and if I do I just leave it).

      I'm just super paranoid that if I leave the exposed stitches holding on the button (or whatever) something will happen and the embellishments will fall off. It has nothing to do with making sure it's "pretty". It's because I'm uptight!