Tuesday, February 18, 2014

For a Swap: Octopus's Garden Patch

Finished this up last night.  It's for a swap (big surprise).

The theme was Beatles songs.

Octopus's Garden.

Two closeups.


And "in the shade".

I really like how this one turned out.  The ric-rac seaweed is just so fun.

I scored the octopus pendant this weekend.  I went to Joann's for their buy one get one free button sale (love that) hoping I'd find an octopus button but that was a wash.  Then I figured I could get an iron on octopus or even a charm.  The only iron on they had was a jelly fish.  It was SO CUTE but technically not right (if it had been on sale I would have bought it anyway but I only had one 40% off a full price item and that was ear marked for some fabric markers so. . .) so I had to keep looking.

I hit up the bead area (where there was some seriously marked down stuff--I got three different items for only 50 cents each--love that) and not an octopus was to be found.  WHAT?  I thought octopi had been all hipster (so they should totally be all over Joann's once they were no longer cool for hipsters).  I was about to give up the search (and go to plan B to just make a fabric octopus) when I saw some plastic containers full of random jewelry stuff near the register.  There was a lot of sea related items in there but on first pawing it appeared octopi were out of the question.  Then I spied it in all it's angry funky glory.

It's not just me, right?  That really is a kind of pissed off octopus.  It kind of reminds me of some of the elephants you see in Indian art (some of them are scowling like that).  I guess he just needed to get back into his garden so he could relax and put his tentacles up.

Chill, octopus.

And, the back.

Story time.  I knew I had this fabric but I couldn't find it and assumed I had used it (but deep in my mind I knew I hadn't).  I did a deep dig in my stash and there it was.  See, that proves I really need to go through my stash and organize it (by color, that would probably be the best) so I can see things better.  Come to find out, I have this print in two colorways (it was part of a fat quarter pack I scored at Tuesday Morning).

When I first was thinking about this patch (not knowing what kind of octopus I'd end up with) I was thinking about making a produce style garden for the octopus's garden.  I was *this close* to buying a little tractor button, too.  But once I found the disgruntled octopus pendant, the silly veggie garden idea didn't work anymore.  But it's perfect for the backing fabric.

(I'm so happy I found those fabrics--those veggies will make fun appliques for other stuff)

This patch will get mailed out maybe this week if I get some other swap stuff done to mail with it.  I hate making a trip to the post office with just one package.  I only do that when I have to get something mailed by the deadline (and the next deadline I have is February 28, so I have time to wait a bit if I want).  It's all packed and ready though.

Next up?

I still have to finish the little doll I started.  That's part of the reason I got the fabric markers.  I know once I sit down and just start working on it again I'll get into the groove but right now as I'm typing this it's not exciting me.  I also have to make two sets of Wacky 9 Patch blocks, two dotees, and a love themed doll (that's not due until March, though).  OH, and my cuss project.  I totally know what I'm doing for that but I need to get some other things off the list before I dive into it.  That one's going to be FUN.

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