Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another Guinea Pig

I finally got back to working on the Fluff Project guinea pigs last night.

I wanted to pull one particular pig out of the poke and finish him/her up.

You see, I showed off the first guinea pig and someone asked if I'd sell one to them (wee, I do like a commission).  Of course I jumped on the idea and the colors they liked just happened to coincide with a piggie I already had cut out and half finished.

Piggie at the office!

So I finished this cutie up last night.  It took almost exactly one hour to finish.  I had to cut and add the eyes, turn and prep the ears and limbs (turn them, stuff limbs, baste all closed then baste to the front body), sew, turn, stuff, and close.  That time included winding a new bobbin and going up to my craft room to get more stuffing (so a bit of down time).

This little piggie turned out very well.  Though I'm still placing the one ear a little oddly.  It looks plenty cute but I want to get that left (when you look at the pic) ear a little lower.  I got a lot nicer of a close on the stuffing opening on this one.  It's very smooth which I like.  I had to free-hand the eyes since (despite my best efforts) I lost the eye pattern piece.  I could have traced it from the body pattern (which has the whole face drawn on it as a placement template) but to be honest I didn't think of that until right now.  Duhr!

If this color set doesn't work for the buyer, I'll make another in different colors.  But they said they liked icy/winter blues so I figured this one would fill the bill.

I still need to finish the rest of the piggie herd (7 toys not including the fuzzy one just incase it doesn't turn out well).  So I'll definitely have a total of 8 piggies for the Fluff Project.  I'll probably make two more just to have a nice round 10.  Ten little piggies!  Wee, wee!

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