Monday, December 9, 2013

What I'm working on: December Fluff Project Items

Sunday I sewed just about all day.


Sunday I cut out fabric almost all day (then finally got a bit of sewing done).

I kind of hate that you have to do all the prep before you can actually sew.  But at least this round of cutting out wasn't too annoying.

What is all that mess?

Well, that there is a mess o' guinea pigs in various states of being sewn up.

The one in the foreground is the only fuzzy one of the set.  I'm not entirely sure it will turn out so I'm not guaranteeing it will make the final December Fluff Project box.  Last night (after I took this pic) I did get the face and belly attached and all the limbs and ears put together and turned.  So far, so good.  But when I get ready to attach the limbs and sew the beastie together I'm not sure how the seams might come out (super bulking seams could spell bad things--though I've worked with fat seams before and it worked out so. . .here's hoping this guinea pig turns out well).

OH and to be brutally honest, if the fuzzy one is a pain in the butt to sew but turns out super cute I might just keep him for myself.  I reserve that right.

The pile in the right back corner have all the front body embellishments (sans eyes) attached and all limbs/ears sewn together and trimmed with pinking shears.  The left corner pile are ready for that step.  Then everyone will get eyes (I cut them as I put them on so I can pick the best color and so they don't get lost--I can just bet my cats would love to carry off a guinea pig eye).  Then stuff and baste closed all the limbs and baste them to the bodies.  Then pin fronts and backs together and sew up.  Then turn, stuff, and close.  Then squeal like a little guinea pig over how effing cute they all are (and wave them in my hubbies face asking him repeatedly if he thinks they are super cute--he'll just roll his eyes which means he does but won't say so lest I get the satisfaction).

I did get one little piggie completely finished.  I did that on Saturday.  I like to do a full run through with a new pattern (this is a Dolls and Daydreams pattern I got on sale--so happy!) before I decide to mass produce it.

This pattern is perfect for assembly line production.  There are a few futzy pieces about it (the wee little felt eyes and the embroidered nose/lips) but for the most part the pattern pieces are easy and straight forward and cut and sew up fast.  Especially if you're using cottons.  The thicker fabrics are more laborious (ooh, I forgot I wanted to try this pattern with corduroy--I have both wide and small wale in brown--but I need to get this herd o' piggies done first).

For being a first go with a pattern this little piggie turned out VERY well.  His one ear is a little crooked (but it looks cute) and he could use a second set of stitches on his belly bib (I started doing that on the others) but there were no issues at all making him.  All the limbs attached easy peasy and everything lined up well.  OH, his stuffing hole sew job it a little wonky.  It's always tricky when the stuffing hole is on a curve, so I need to pay a tiny bit better attention on future ones (but the sew job is good, just kind of indented a tiny bit--something I totally notice but others might not).

And once again I'm reminded of a sewing truth.  Basting is necessary.  Baste the limbs closed and then baste them to the front body before putting the front and back together.  It's totally worth the few extra steps/minutes to not have to deal with pins while putting the body together (that's the one critique I have of the pattern--it has you pinning the limbs in without basting and then dealing with pins when you turn the item--holy hassle batman, not to mention the blood letting that could occur!).

I'd love to fill an entire box with these cuties but for now I do have at least 9 to give (not officially counting fuzzy yet).  I think I will cut out a corduroy one tonight to make sure I have a nice round 10 to give (and plan to just keep fuzzy no matter how he turns out).

The only bad thing?  I'm running out of Heat and Bond!  I had more than enough to make the piggies (and still have a nice piece leftover) but it's going fast.  The good thing is you don't have to do the double belly layer.  You can just use plain felt and it looks every bit as cute (in fact, one of the pigs in my current herd has a single layer belly because it just looked better that way--and fuzzy has a single layer since I used fleece for fuzzy's belly).

What else am I up to?

I need to get some christmas sewing done once one of my supplies arrives (I'm making some pot holders and had to get the heat resistant stuff) and a two zipper pouches.  Then I'll whip up some blue Teesha patches and a dotee (for swaps).

I want to give the other Dolls and Daydreams pattern I got (during the sale) a try but I don't have time right now (and I don't think I have the right fabrics).  It's a super cute gingerbread man doll with rufflie icing accents.  But first, the piggie herd.

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