Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It Came from the Scrap Bag

What's this?  OH, be very careful.  We have stumbled upon a very rare creature indeed.

It's an elusive scrap monster.  Legend has it that if you befriend one, you will have great creativity.

Legend also holds that scrap monsters love sweets, especially sweets purchased on deep clearance.

"Hey little guy.  Want a piece of this Christmas Kit Kat I got for 50% off at Target's after Christmas sale?"



Well, guess the legends are right.  But it is hard to resist a cheap Christmas Kit Kat, right buddy?

Oh, don't run away!  I thought we were friends.  I don't share discount chocolate with just anyone.

Darn, he's gone.  But I think I saw him smiling, so maybe we are friends.  Time will tell.


Ok, so the story behind this fella is. . .I was setting out to make a dotee doll and got completely side tracked and he just happened.  Yup, just like that.  The dotee was a "your favorite color" themed one and I was going to go more with my favorite texture/fabric (since I don't really have one top color I love more than others) so I got digging through my felted sweater scraps and fiddling about and low and behold when I spied the button holes on one of the scrap pieces they just had to be eyes (using some beads I bought a month or so ago and have been drooling to use).  I was going to make him into a dotee but he's just a bit too demonic for that.  I thought my swap partner might not appreciate that about him (even though he's a very lovely monster--no religious affiliation at all, really) and I just loved him so much I couldn't give him away.  Ever.

He's made from the bottom bit of a felted sweater, the waist area that included two button holes.  His arms are seams and I just used six strand embroidery floss for all the sewing.  Two bead eyes and a bit of poly fil and the cutest little demonic scrap monster EVER was born.

His eyes remind me of The Predator.  I kind of want to make him a dread lock wig now.

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