Tuesday, December 31, 2013

For Swaps: TM patches: Blue and Purple

These are hot off the presses (so to speak).  I just finished them up in the past two days.

Yup, more TM (Teesha Moore) style patches for some swaps.

There's a rainbow series and these are for the BLUE round and the PURPLE round.  (you have to make three patches for each round--all go to one partner).


The whole group, looking all fancy.


Puppies.  That dog is just loving on that bone.  And the one on the left there is filled, just filled with envy.  So much drama on one patch, it's just overwhelming.

Fun story.  That dog fabric came from this totally awful swap I received.  Yeah, I'm going to sound all bitchy right now (and I may have mentioned this before so if I did just be all polite and nod along).  On the last Crazy 9 Patch quilt block swap, one of my partners sent me straight up crap.  The blocks were made totally wrong and poorly and it was just a fabric train wreck.  Except for one thing.  That dog fabric.  That square there is from the center of one of the train wreck blocks.  How's THAT for lemonade from lemons, huh?

I want to be, under the sea.  In an octopuses garden. . .

I've had that fabric for a bit.  Got it in a swap and liked it but because of the texture on it (it's so not quilting cotton) I was kind of at a loss on what I'd ever use it for.  That was before I started making patches which aren't so picky about fabric types.  BAM, octopus patch with sequin and bead sucker and sequin and bead bubbles and. . .FABULOUS.

And boring patch is boring.  Hey, they can't all make you wet a little.  This one is very blue.  So very, very blue.  Nice and all but not that exciting.

And the back of them all.

Next up:


The whole set.


Sequin elephants in little bubbles.  I kind of wish I'd remembered I had these sequins for the pink round (has there been a pink round?).  Pink elephants makes me happy.  The backing on this one is flannel.

Black cat looking worried at a jack o lantern.  My partner's profile mentioned they liked Halloween and I love this kitty fabric (which isn't technically Halloween fabric) so why not make a little Halloween patch with a super cute button I scored (yeah, I went a bit hog wild when Joanne Fabrics had their buy one get one free button sale).

Bride with veil that lifts up.

I freaking love this patch and now I want to make a whole set of Day of the Dead patches using this fabric.  This bit was from a cat toy I was making but I sewed the fabric together wrong and didn't feel like pulling it apart so I just flung it into my scrap bag (to be resurrected as a patch).  I just added a bit of razz-ma-tazz to her jewelry (blinged it out, yo!) and did a tiny bit of embroidery detail (black sewing thread, filled in a few lines here and there--like her mouth) then added the lace as a veil when I was sewing up the edges.  The backing fabric is corduroy (and is actually purple even though it looks black in the pic).

And the backs of all three.  Again, one is flannel, one quilting cotton, one corduroy.

OK, we're on the home stretch now.  Just one more post to make and then my spamming is over.

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  1. I love the Bride with veil that lifts up, omg is super original! :D