Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Scrap Pack Review: Fabric Worm Japanese/Organic Neutral Pack

Since I'm going on a fabric buying ban for the first six months of 2014, I had to get one last purchase in before then (like hogging down on candy the day before you start that diet.. .what! it's not gross to eat three kit kat bars in one day, really, it isn't.. .)

Fabric Worm was having a sale on their bundles a bit ago and I've been eyeballing their Japanese/Organic scrap bundles (which are slightly more expensive than the regular bundles) so I decided to get one (that and I had some money in my pay pal from that guinea pig I sold).

I chose the neutral pack (there is "girl" and "boy" and "neutral") and received eight lovely pieces of fabric in a range of sizes.  I didn't measure each piece but I'd say the smallest was about 1/4 yard (full WOF) and the biggest was probably 1/2 yard.

They all coordinated really nicely too.


I love the colors.  Fall colors (and browns/muted oranges in general) are some of my favorites.  I really like the multi color chevrons and the little lady bugs are adorable (and one of the bigger pieces!).

All were quilting cotton weight except the one. The trees (bottom fabric in the top pic) are a heavier weight of cotton.  Almost canvas/duck but not super stiff like that.  It reminds me a lot of the cotton/linen blends you get in the Japanese fabrics but the selvage says 100% cotton.  It's a pretty big piece so I'm tempted to use it to make a shopping bag (some of mine are looking a bit long in the tooth so it's time to upgrade to all handmade ones and let the cheapos fade, fade away).

Overall I'm very pleased with this purchase.  I got it for 20% off  which pretty much made it like getting free shipping (I also got a half yard of some super cute kitty fabric I'd been eyeing).  I can't remember if I've ever bought a Fabric Worm scrap pack before (I want to say I have but I really think I haven't) but I know I've never splurged for the Japanese/Organic pack.  I'm very happy with the fabric quality and quantity and I would splurge on one of these again.


  1. beautiful scraps -- three of those are Charley Harper Fabrics from Birch Organic that are 100%cotton canvas (the leaves -- top pic, bottom fabric; the lady bugs; and the red bottom pic, bottom fabric). I love that line, and plan to use it for an aeroplane bag for my sewing machine :) Happy New year!

  2. Oh cool, I like knowing that when I got mine most of them were much smaller, but that they have larger pieces too. And on a note from your other post - my husband got me some FQ's for Christmas, of course one of them was the Enterprise, so I think I'll make him a bag too, yours are cute!