Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Made for Christmas Gifts

So very behind on posting.  So I'll be spamming the blog today.

First up, the things I got done for Christmas gifts.

Pouches.  Oh the pouches.

One for my sister, one for my mother, and one for my father.  The ones for my mom and dad were to house the Nooks they received.  Perfect fit.

Star Trek for my dad (love Kirk's disapproving scowl).

Enterprise on the inside (love that fabric).

Black cats for my mom.  Love this fabric, too.

Fish bones on the inside.

Big Bang Theory for my sister (and one bad photo--the lighting in my house is horrendous).  This was the only pouch I put a little tab on.  Super easy addition, I just used some pre-packaged bias tape.  Leftovers from the. . .


Let me pause here to share with you my boobery (and hubris).  I thought "ooh, that will be so easy" which pretty much sealed my fate.  These mama-jammas were a pain in the butt.  Ok, not that bad but they had me scowling and reaching for the seam ripper.  The holder part was easy (though it proved to me I will want to get a walking foot for my machine if I plan to do a lot of actual quilting--fabric was going all over the place).  The binding was where I suddenly had head trauma and just could not figure out how to miter the corners.  Oh, I had tutorials with pics and the works but it just would not compute.  That's why they ended up with rounded corners.  A sign that I have given up.

Two different fabrics, on on each side.  Since the pics are so bad, I'll just tell you that one is trimmed in orange and the other in bright green.


(and yes, I do have a bit left over and I am going to make a Spock and Sheldon patch--after I get some more important sewing done).

All gifts were well received.


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