Monday, January 6, 2014

For Swaps: Dotee and Patch

Have to document two additional things I got done for swaps last week (and mailed Friday).

First up a dotee.

Dotee in your favorite color:

The pics are extra dark and crappy because I got him done late at night.  Eh, he's still cute.  I'm all about olive greens (and felt) so why not whip up something fun like an alien/monster.  And I love those bead eyes.

Next up is a patch that I had been procrastinating on for a LONG time.  Heck, even the swap host was a bit stumped with it (and gave us all extra time).

TM Patch:  Comic Strip.

The challenge was to make a full comic strip (three panels minimum) that told a full story (and had to measure at least 8x10 total size).

That pic shows how damn busy the patch really is.  There are five panels that tell a little super hero tale.

Let's break it on down, shall we?

Panels 1:  "Cows abducted!  Who will save them?"

Panel 2:  Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman symbols.

(and as an aside, can I mention how much I hate that it's "girl" for Bat and Super?  HATE THAT!)

Panel 3:  Batwoman and Superwoman go after the aliens.

Panel 4:  Wonder Woman ties them up in her lasso of truth and they give up the location of all the abducted cows.  (yes, those are sizzles over their head--they got their alien butts handed to them).

Panel 5:  People of all races celebrate the return of the cows by having ice cream (of course!)

It's a simple tale but speaks to us all.  Who doesn't love ice cream (even the lactose intolerant like myself love it and NO soy/rice/coconut products are not the same--nothing is as good as creamy dreamy ice cream!)

And the back of the patch.  I scored that fabric from the Joanne's remnant bin right before I went on my Fabric Fast.  I've wanted some cool super hero fabric but had no reason to get it but when it's in the remnant bin, it's kind of ok to get it.  The size was perfect (it was about 1/4 yard) so I still have a nice piece for myself.  LOVE IT.

I constructed each panel individually then patch worked them together then used a piece of cotton batting for the filling (and attached the top to the batting by sewing on the ric rac and some details).  I should have done the panel one embroidery after I had the batting on but I since it was the first panel I made I wasn't thinking far enough ahead to remember the batting would make the embroidery smoother.  It doesn't look bad but it could look better.

I was kind of dreading making this patch but the minute I started on it I was fine.  It went together easily enough and I love the finished product (even though it's super busy).

So what's up next?

I need to get the Fluff Project guinea pigs done before I get too involved in any more swaps.  Then I need to do some fun Valentine's Day themed items (dotee, patch, stuffie).

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