Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm a Big Wiener!!!

I had a run of good luck with the Sew Mama, Sew giveaway week.

I won not one but four prizes.

So I'm going to show off the two that arrived this week.

These goodies (three fat quarters on the left, scrap pack spread out along the right) came from Carly at Faith, Family, and Frugality.

I love scrap packs with a passion and this is a good one.  Nice variety of sizes, some perfect to trim up for use in my postage stamp quilt (I love when I can just trim the tiniest bit off a scrap to make it 2.5 inches--hate to waste!).

I'm planning to do a bunch of fabric cutting this weekend (have to carve up some yardage into fat quarters for some swaps) so I'll be rotary-ing these goodies too.

This great collection came from Waggons West.  Some fabric (solid yellow strip, bee strip, religious icon fabric which is FABULOUS, and chalk board fabric), dvd/cd rom with quilt patterns, embroidered patch (bee with flower--adorable) and. . .

This great tag/patch to put on my first finished quilt.  I'm so using it on my patchwork quilt whenever I finally get it done (hence the open area under my name, so I can hand stitch or write in the date of completion).

WW was concerned I wouldn't like it.  They felt the little figure looked too much like an alien but. . .I LOVE aliens.  So it's absolutely PERFECT for me.  Just a bit odd and weird and fabulous.  And I love the shades of green they used.  Now I'm worried this will be too nice for my finished quilt!

I'm keen to figure out a use for the embroidered bee fabric.  Maybe I'll make a random block from it for the back of my postage stamp quilt.  I decided I'm doing the back in random squares.  In fact, my two stabs at paper piecing will probably end up back there, too.  I'm not sure yet.

I need to learn more about the chalk board fabric.  I've seen it before and thought it was cool but never really investigated it because I never planned to buy any.  Now I'm all worried I won't use it "correctly".  What is up with that?  I need to get over that hang up, pronto.

I'm so excited about all the wins I've had.  I'm going to have to use some of my winnings for some charity sewing to pay it back.  I'm also going to make a REAL effort to join the next SMS giveaway week.  I could have my own giveaway here but I don't have many followers so it wouldn't get a lot of participation.  I'm also thinking I need to add a few extras into my next round of swaps, as a kind of karmic payback for all the good stuff that came my way from the SMS giveaway.

Now I need to get my butt to the sewing machine and get sewing.  I've been lazy with working on my quilt stuff lately.

Good luck and positive energy to anyone reading.  It's true, if you send good stuff out it will come back to you (sometimes just in good feelings, but sometimes in cold hard items like free fabric scraps!).


  1. That's an awesome label! Must resist the urge to start pointing out the hours of work that go into handmade gifts I give ;)

  2. Those are lovely wins, and some more in the mail...! Just to say you really should enter in the next SMS giveaway, it's great fun! I also don't have many followers, but many people enter from the SMS site and you may even gain a few extra followers because of it...