Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dotee Doll

This was one of the last things I made for 2012.

Funky Cheshire style cat.  I called it a Cheshire Hello Kitty (or maybe I should have called it a Cheshire Hell Kitty, since the 'o' on the "hello" all seemed to get cut off, that amused me).

Cotton fabric fro the body, felt for the facial features, fleece for the tail.  Red and white twine (separated) for the whiskers (re-cycled twine--yes, the same tine I've been using for a lot of stuff).  Ribbon for the hangar and collar (again, recycled ribbon I got on something else, still have quite a bit of it left which makes me happy).  Seed beads on the collar and one elephant sequin.  Embroidery floss and bell for the tail.  I think jingle bell tails are going to become my signature for Dotee Dolls.  It's an easy way to make the tail and give a little zing to the whole dealie.

I have one other thing to show off (that I completed in the final days of 2012) but I have something esle that goes with it (for another swap) so I'll show them both off at the same time.

What's on my to do list?

Glove bear (for regretsy swap)
Valentines Dotee (for swap bot swap)
Crazy Kitty Hoop (for swap bot swap)

I need to get the bear done first before I start on the others (since the bear is the least exciting for me and I want to get that all arranged--I can't wait to finish that swap, I really want to receive the items I'm swapping for.)

2013 here I come.

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