Friday, January 18, 2013

Crap and double crap!

I forgot to take a picture of the latest Dotee I finished.

See, this is why I should snap the pic right as I'm finished and not tell myself "oh, I'll get a pic of it when I get to work, before I pack it up".


I'm not that pissed about it or anything, just annoyed.  It was the first in a Wizard of Oz dotee swap series (it was the tin man), so now I won't have a full collection of pics when it's all over.


And while I'm moaning about crafty things that have annoyed me as of late, let me whine about painting for a second.

I can't get oval canvases in time for my painting class which starts next week.  So I have to use plain old square/rectangle ones.

OHHH, my first world problems!!

I was going to get all pouty about it and choose to do a different project all together, but I really don't want to come up with a whole new idea.  I'm already loving on the idea I have and it will turn out just as well on a regular canvas as it would on an oval one.  In fact, it might turn out BETTER on the regular (it might be easier to grid out the painting if it's not on an oval canvas).

I still may go looking about to see if I can find oval canveses in time for class, but then again I might not.  I think it's good to go with the flow on this.  And I might just get really small canvases (smaller than I've ever used) so I can get both canvases finished in one class semester.

Ok, enough whining.  I have a lot of stuff to work on this week like:

Unique Holiday Dotee (have my idea all mapped out, just have to execute it)
Jan Block of the Month (paper piecing)
Cylindra (robot companion for Mr. Roboto and one of the subjects for the aforementioned paintings)
Other dotees (bath, birthday, hat, easter, next wizard of oz which is scarecrow)
And whatever else I can find to get up to.

Time to get back to work.

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