Monday, January 7, 2013

For a swap: Valentine House

I made this for a swap-bot swap.

Free pattern/tutorial is HERE.

The idea was to use the tutorial to make a valentines themed house.  You were to keep the same design (using linen or linen blend on the front of the house, have one door, one window) but you could mix up the decoration under the window (as long as you put something there).

Here's my house.

I went pretty basic for the front, following the pattern/tutorial pretty much spot on with the exception of chimney placement (I put it on the other side). 

Instead of putting a little felt bird under the window, I went with some text.  I was really wondering what to put there then I discovered some fabric in my stash that I had completely forgotten about.  The "kiss me!" text comes from one of the word balloons on that fabric.  Then I just had to use that same fabric for the back of the house (even though I had already cut out a different fabric for it--eh, no harm, no foul--it was just a FQ I got as a gift--nothing super fancy).

Think that window looks boring?  (ok, it is a little understated what with the white stitching)  Well I'll have you know that's part of a SKULL right there.  That scrap came from some Dia de los Muertos fabric.  If you look closely you can see the teeth and nose (I put it on upside down to minimize how much you can see the skull-ishness).

Check out the house number.  420 anyone?  Yeah, I couldn't resist using that.  Well, I really wanted 69 but it wasn't in the numbers.  I used some scrap from the barcode fabric I had and 6 and 9 just weren't next to each other. I could have cut them out separately but that would have looked weird (and too forced for the joke).  But 420 was natural on the fabric so I went with it.  Spark 'em up!

I only bought one thing new for this project.  That was the ribbon for the hangar.  It was from the dollar zone at target and, if I may say so, a rip off.  The ribbon itself is fine (not crappy quality) but the amount you get for your dollar is pathetic.  Eh, live and learn (and really what did I expect for a buck at Target?).

This was my first go round with this pattern/tutorial and for the most part there were no issues.  I did have a bit of a hang up doing the box corners.  But part of that might have been my machine (it was being crabby for the whole project--not sure exactly why, I'll have to look into that).

I'm excited to send this off to the recipient.

Next up?  I have to finish the hoop I have to make for a swap.  I got the hoop part done I just have to sew up a couple of bitty little kitty pins and it'll be done.  Then, a valentines themed Dotee doll.  Still pondering what I want to do with that one.

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