Thursday, January 31, 2013

Progress Report: Little Portraits

Painting update time.

I'll show them off in reverse of how I painted them (since this one isn't as exciting to see, change wise).

First up, Priscilla's portrait.



Put another coat of black on and then worked the background a bit. You an see it's darker along the bottom and a bit near the top of Priscilla's head.  The pictures don't do it justice but the changes were minimal (I can't really work on Priscilla while her black coats are wet).

Now Mr. Robot.



You can see the changes on this one.  I made a sweep over the entire canvas and started working on some of the blending.  I'm really liking the green background on this one.  It's fun to have an actual color for a change (lately I've been doing a lot of paintings with a ton of black/gray).  There's a ton more blending to do here but this is definitely heading in the right direction.

Now I just need to get to work finishing the sewing on Cylindra.  Maybe this weekend.  I only have to finish one more swap item by Monday (when I make a post office run) so I should be able to work on Cylindra a bit (her body is done and her limbs are in progress.  But her head isn't even started and you kind of need a head to have a portrait).

I'm loving these small canvases.  You can grab them right off the easel and turn them all directions and really get the paint just where you want it.  LOVE that.

So far, I'm loving these paintings.  I'm sure a week will come when I hate them.  I'm going to bet once I get to putting the details on Priscilla (those circles!) I'll be cussing and ranting.  I always cuss and rant when I paint.

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