Monday, January 28, 2013

For a Swap: Valentines Day Dotee

Yup, it's another dotee for a swap.  And another valentines day dotee.  This one was a group swap (so available only to folks in that group) and I wanted it to be extra fabulous since the founder of the group let me join even though I technically don't meet the requirments for joining (some groups have requirements like "have completed X swaps" and such.  I didn't have the required swaps done but the founder was nice enough to let me in anyway, so I really want to kick ass on my first swap with the group).

The only requirement for the dotee (aside from standard dotee "rules") was there had to be a heart on it somewhere.

I was stuck for a long time on what I was going to do and almost dropped the swap because of it and then inspiration hit.  I was browsing some crafty blogs I like to eyeball and one had a free tutorial for a mailbox and letters playset (valentines themed). 

I'm calling it "Hungry for Love" (no I don't put the titles on the dotees or any of that, I name them just for myself mostly because I like puns).

Time for closeups!

The doll is hollow so you can really pack a lot of stuff inside if you were so inclined.  I had four little pieces of cute valentines paper that were extras in a swap I received (the previous valentines day dotee swap).  I decided to keep a little bag of extras that I get from swaps so I can use them in future swaps.  These paper slips were perfect.  Folded in half they were the perfect card shape (and the paper was card thickness).  I didn't write anything on the mouth cards, I figure the recipient might like to reuse them or something.

The dotte is all felt with ric rac teeth and goodle eyes.  It's double thickness felt but no stuffing of any kind.  The hanger is ribbon.

The tail. . .

Is the fourth card .  It's a simple tail (no beads, just red/white striped bakery twine) but it's still really cute and really matches the whole dotee (if I do say so myself).

The flag moves up and down (limited range) and has a little heart on it.

So does. . .

The back panel.

No glue used on any of it (I don't hate glue, but I like to use it only as a last resort).  The dotee is a bit "fragile" (meaning it can get crushed down but you can fluff it right back up) so I'm going to have to ship it in a little box.  Good thing it was a USA only swap AND I got a box from another swap that I can re-use.

My partner hasn't been assigned yet, so I'm not sure where Hungry for Love will be heading.  But all I have to do now is box it up and send it, so I'm ahead of the game.

I'm also working on another dotee for a Bathtime themed swap. That one is going very well (and has the partner assigned--I got lucky and got a USA person even though it was international).  I also have to work on a third dotee for a Hat Dotee swap.  Partners were already assigned (that one's going to Canada) but won't be due for a bit.  But I prefer to get them done quickly, so once Bathtime is finished, I'll move on to Hat.  (I think I have my final idea picked for Hat--I need to do a test run with it before I decide).

Other dotees on my list include:  Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow), Birthday, Easter, Purse, Pair, and one "anything goes" (it's a "what is a dotee?" themed swap, so I think I'll go "old school" on that one and make a more classic styled dotee).

I'll be showing them all off as they get done.

I'm loving dotees (and hope to host my own swap either late February or March--I have a lot of swaps to complete before I can commit to being a host).

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  1. That's so cute! Ok, I finally gave in and went to look up just what a dotee IS.