Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Preppy Girl (work in progress) and where I sew

This is where I sew.

It's my kitchen table (yes, that's a bag of cat food there at the edge of the table).  When it comes to housekeeping I fail spectacularly but I've managed to carve out a few neat and tidy spots where I can sew and get my craft on.  (the other place is my t.v. room where I've taken over half of the coffee table and one of my t.v. trays for embroidery and small hand sewing--I've shown it before in "work in progress" shots but the lighting in that room is horrible for pictures so no pic of it today).

Now I will pause a second for this aside.

I can't stand the crafty blogs where folks show off their work area and it's all PERFECT, like Martha Stewart is hiding just out of frame cracking the whip over her minions.  Yeah, those pics are pretty but they are LIES.  No one is that neat and tidy and perfect on a day to day basis.  Yes, some folks have that type A personality where they're painfully neat and tidy and uptight (that's not me) so their work areas just might be that perfect but they are the freaky few. 

So that pic there?  That's REAL, folks.  And I have to work damn hard to keep it that neat (and I'm sure you're like "neat? she calls that neat?").  It kills my wife that I'm crazy protective of this space.  He sees a semi-bare flat surface and immediately wants to bomb it with clutter (usually gross clutter like a dirty dish or something greasy from his bike).  When that happens I simple utter, "NO." and move the offending item.

But enough about how messy I am and my sad little sewing work area.

What's that there on the table?  Is that a work in progress?

Yes.  Yes it is.

That's Miriam, the mermaid I've been wanting to make for a while now.  I have the body sewn and turned (ready for stuffing and face stitching) and the tails completely sewn (ready for the assembly stage).  The tails turned out very well and the argyle was a good choice (if I may say so myself).  At the time of that pic I wasn't sure what I wanted to do for the hair (just that I didn't want the hair from the original pattern) but I now think I've figured out what I want to do (and if that doesn't work out how I want, I have a back up idea, too).

I'm hoping to have Miriam done by the weekend and then I can work on the cat placemat bag.

OH, and guess what I bought yesterday?  2 yards of fabulous fabric.  Why so much?  I'm going to try my hand at. . .wait for it. . .making a SKIRT.  (lord help us all!)

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