Friday, July 20, 2012

I didn't forget. . .

I'm just a little behind on it.

The giveaway will be next week (hoping for Monday but Tuesday at the latest).

What is holding up progress?

Slow stitching.  I found what I thought would be a quick little pattern to stitch up BUT, I didn't like the first finished product so I made another (which is turning out great!) so that slowed down progress.  I WILL get the last stitches done this weekend (I'm so close to being finished I'm getting antsy about it).

Then if the weather cooperates (so I can get some well light outdoor pics) I can get all the pics taken and then making the post will be super fast.

SO. . .I'm not guilty of forgetting about this (or ignoring it).  I'm just guilty of being over excited about it and talking it up a little too soon.

Sit tight, next week will be FUN.

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